MyTravelStudio already presented some restaurants with local food in British Virgin Islands where you’ll have the best breakfast and lunch, but we did not talk much about dining. To be sure you’ll have a table at a certain hour, they usually advice you to make a booking. This is the case with the top restaurants in British Virgin Islands that we’ll take into discussion next.

Soper’s Hole Wharf & Marina

We’ll make a few stops, going from West End to Road Town. Soper’s Hole Wharf & Marina, this small and cozy marina with a nice terrace & bar. The bar is open from 10 o’clock and they also serve some food, like a special hot dog with fries, for example. In the evening they change the menu and the offer sounds pretty good, with some cocktails and beer aside. Tip: ask for mac & cheese and do not force yourself with many dishes because desert is something you’ll discuss about, even a few days later.

Sopers Hole Wharf and Marina British Virgin Islands

 Peg Leg

Not very far from West End, going to Road Town, you’ll find another marina, called Nanny Cay. The restaurant’s name is Peg Leg and it is located at the harbor entrance, overlooking Sir Francis Channel. Service is good, people are nice and when it comes to food, I must tell you, it’s delicious. We even met the chef, a nice and very shy lady. Her name is Panzy and she certainly has an eye when it comes to cooking. She knows exactly how to combine flavors and cook, so that makes you enjoy the dish.

Peg Leg British Virgin Islands


In case you do some research for restaurants before going to British Virgin Islands, you’ll find “Dove” between the most famous ones, located in the heart of Road Town. This is definitely the place where you need to make a booking and have some nice elegant clothes on. Tip: don’t go there if you are very hungry, because you need to wait until they cook your choice from the menu. But this is the dining place where you go when you miss the fancy cuisine after too much local food.

Dove British Virgin Islands


Another elegant restaurant with really nice people you’ll find when you pass Road Town, heading to the airport. It is actually an estate, called Brandywine. The restaurant was recommended by our skipper, Julian Putley. Tip: when you go there, ask for Patricia. She is really nice, loves to work with people and can tell you everything about the menu from the restaurant. After talking to her you’ll know exactly what to choose. Dinner here will not disappoint you. Besides the fact that it is located in a nice place, terrace is nice and food is made with passion.

Brandywind British Virgin Islands

A holiday in British Virgin Islands does not mean only restaurants.

When you stay in a villa and have all the facilities for cooking your own style dinner, do not hesitate. It can be really fun, cooking with your friends. If no one wants to do the honors, you can simply talk to your villa manager and they will come with a solution. There are some skilled cooks in town and they will gladly come to show you a nice food recipe.

You can find more about British Virgin Islands here and here and we will be back soon with even more stories about this amazing place.

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