I keep writing about how wonderful a vacation spent on a boat can be, but this time I will try to reveal my own feelings and tell you 5 amazing things about sailing. My relationship with this kind of traveling started 7 years ago, when I first spent a week sailing in Croatia. Adriatic Sea can be described as nice and welcoming water (even though with this climate change effect you cannot be 100% sure about anything).

Honestly, my first time on a boat was so wonderful that I keep doing this every time I got an occasion and it still feels the same. I love the smell of the boat so much, it immediately induces me a vacation feeling and I just embrace and enjoy every moment. The things that my mind and soul associates with a boat are amazing: sunny days, crystal clear waters, beautiful landscapes, small islands, amazing underwater life, beautiful people, starry nights, relaxing, fun, friends, romance and some other full feeling emotions.

boat on clear water

Beautiful landscapes

I am not a professional photographer but I am definitely passionate by photography and I can tell, some of the most amazing pictures I’ve took, are from sailing trips. The landscape is unbelievably generous. The lights, colors and shapes are sometimes astonishing. You just could not ask for more. It is like you landed in wonderland.

landscape in bvi


A boat can be the best choice when you need some relaxing time. My relaxing moments on a boat look like this: sitting on the bow where I have a wide vision angle with my headphones, listening to my favorite songs; sometimes reading, other times just admiring landscapes or the endless water. There are moments when I just close my eyes and the whole thing is complete when the waves hit the boat and water splashes my face and the wind plays with my hair like it is the best toy in the world.

me on the boat


Spending a few days on a boat is like having a bit of everything and fun is the word will, for sure, not be missed. I like some water sports and adventure and lucky for me there are always a few crew members that share my idea of fun. Talking about this, I also need to admit that sometimes our adventurous minds drive us to crazy things, like being trapped into the Andaman waters while running from some “mad” swimming monkeys, or getting some scars after “fighting” with some rocks in the Adriatic. And the best idea of fun while sailing is when you just jump into the water from the boat, swim with colored fish and sometimes beautiful turtles, do some water sports or try to drive the dinghy and stay out of fuel. All the funny stories come out of these happenings.

funny faces


Another thing you know about me after reading the articles on MyTravelStudio is that I enjoy food. The sensations coming out when your taste buds are satisfied can only make you happy. I enjoy Mediterranean kitchen and you can have it at its heights when you sail from one island to the other. There can be a big surprise when you sometimes drop the anchor near this small terrace where there will be just a few tables and the dishes they prepared for you just leave you without words. Sometimes it is not about being in this Michelins stars restaurants or some other expensive ones that make you witness a culinary demonstration. World is really wonderful, you just have to experience it.

terrace on adriatic


Being on a boat can also be romantic. Romance is not lost when you sail with some other couples and friends. The fact that you have to share all this limited space for a week it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your romantic moments with your other half. Landscape and natural phenomena like: sunrise, sunsets or starry nights play their important parts here. I treasure the moments when we just lay down on the highest point of the boat and stare at the stars.


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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