This is just amazing how one of the smallest beaches in the world was named the best in Europe this year, by the tourism organization European Best Destinations! Why has it been voted the best? I could give you at least 5 reasons, but in the mean time I would also start packing if I were you!

Stiniva bay_ photo 1

A small paradise in Croatia

While heading to Vis by boat, just take a “right turn” and you’ll find yourself between some stunning cliffs on crystal clear waters, it is practically a small paradise. Stiniva bay is only accessible by hiking or boat, but once you get there your reward will be this amazing secluded natural place and all of the other benefits: peaceful surroundings, no phone signal, not too many tourists, incredible sunset and sunrise, a nice dinner on board and coffee on shore.

Inside Stiniva bay_photo 2

Sunset & dinner

I consider myself a privileged one because I have already been to Stiniva bay, in Croatia. We were 6 girls on a boat trip, lets say an amazing holiday and you have all of the stories here.  We were heading to Vis and the skipper decided to surprise us with “the best beach in Europe” not even knowing that this small piece of paradise will top the charts one day.  After a nice swim and lots of fun, we had a delicious dinner cooked by one of the girls; of course the chef had assistance too.

Not having phone signal was not entirely nice because our dear husbands left at home were a bit worried (funny thing)! Of course after seeing the pictures and having us back home so relaxed they agreed to let us repeat the experience! Ha ha ha! Back to our evening in Stiniva, after this incredibly nice sunset we enjoyed dinner and a good sleep.

Boats in Stiniva bay_photo 3

Sunrise & the smell of coffee

I remember being the first one awake. I took the camera and the “first mate” skipper and discovered the exquisite place between the cliffs. We’ve also found this terrace where the nice people were serving coffee and breakfast. Of course the smell of coffee awakened the girls who took the dingy and came to join us. That was a beautiful morning, we were swimming again in this crystal clear water and we then continued our boat trip.

Stiniva beach_photo 4

Traveling equals discovering such beautiful and special places. Croatia is one of the destinations that have always rewarded the seeking part of me. This is why I will continue to discover the world but will come here again & again.

P.S. Stiniva bay is located on the southern part of the island of Vis. There are of course some other extraordinary beaches around the world and soon we’ll tell you about some, but we would also like to find out what other amazing beaches do you know?

Stiniva beach in the morning_photo5

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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