The Virgin Islands are some of the most amazing places on Earth, which can easily make you, fall in love with them. We put the prefix British and it was the choice for an unforgettable holiday. We told stories about people, the islands, restaurants and cuisine and there is still more, for example things that you can only see in British Virgin Islands. Landscape in BVI astonishes everywhere your eyes turn to, beaches and water -amazing; underwater life is so colored and friendly. We will save an entire article about the beaches and snorkeling in BVI and now we’ll show you what can make you fall for the place.

amazing islands

The highest position is assigned to those incredibly charming rainbows that are emerging almost every day. Don’t panic, the rain will not ruin your holiday plans. We talk about showers that come only for a few minutes and the clouds do not take the whole sky, so that together with the sun they draw beautiful rainbows.

Just picture yourself waking up in the morning and the first things you see through your window are all the hills and small islands surrounded by the rainbow.


Another thing that will stay fresh in your memory for a long time, are the small roosters walking all over the island of Tortola. They learned how to cohabitate with locals, even with tourists and they are not afraid. They learned everything so it is a pleasure to watch them. Sometimes you are afraid not to roll the car wheels over the hens and their small chickens. But no worries, they are more cautious than we think. This is a rooster crossing the streets of Road Town.


Spending your holiday in Virgin Islands means you also have to drive a lot. It is a challenging activity because of how the roads are, winding and steep. Road trips around the island will be funny and will offer you some of the most amazing views over the ocean or land. Tip: when renting the car try to find one with the most powerful engine, it will help you a lot. Some other thing that gives a unique touch to these islands are the giants on water, the big cruise ships that you will see in Road Town. Every time I have the opportunity I like to underline that cruise ships, among some other achievements, are those beautiful wonders that humans did. Tip: when you see big cruise ships are in town do not try to go shopping because it will be a bit crowded.

big cruise ship

What’s the observation you’ll make after just one day spent in Tortola?  That there are so many churches; I mean lots of them all over. I asked a local about it and he said that people really like to spend an important amount of their time in church. They sing, pray and socialize. It is a small town where everybody knows everybody. Tip: in case you want to listen to those gospel choirs do not hesitate to enter. They are friendly and let you assist the service. With so many churches you can imagine they also have lots of holidays.

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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