Why visit London or how my colleague Mirona fell in love with this gorgeous city from United Kingdom. She visited London two weeks ago and I was asking here to give us some hints and stuff about her trip and exactly what was the main reason of this trip. The only way I can tell you about her London experience and Lady Gaga concert is by actually letting her tell you the whole story. Enjoy!

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3 amazing days in one of the most incredible cities in Europe

First day of our trip was kind of toned down because we were really tired from our flight. We chose to spend the day discovering the local cuisine. Obviously, we had an English breakfast when we arrived in London and after that we spent a couple of hours wondering the streets, not knowing exactly where we were heading. We decided to close the day at a very cozy pub, next to our hotel, where we had some local beer and, so we’ve been told, the best hot dog in London. We have to say, it was pretty good.

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Sight seeing like an authentic tourist

Not having so much time on our hands, we spent the whole 2nd day visiting everything we had the chance. We saw: Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the science Museum. Needless to say, when the day was over, we were exhausted but very happy. We had a great time and we really fell in love with London, Londoners and the British accent.

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Day 3 Lady Gaga

October 26th. London. Lady Gaga performs her 3rd consecutive sold out show at the O2 arena. Right as you get close to the venue you start seeing people with weird make up on their faces and dressed up. It is a Gaga concert after all. They all look very happy and act like they know each other for ages and, most importantly, they are all brought together by Gaga.

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Right on time artist

She was set to perform at 8:30 but, by 8:24 she was already on stage. Wearing a golden outfit and a pair of wings she says: “You are the most authentic fan base in the world.” And after seeing how much the fans love her, I agreed. From 12 year old children, teenagers, adults and even elders, all of them knew every lyric of every song. Lady Gaga is everything but shy, so the costumes and the crazy pop songs were as bizarre as expected although the set slowed down half way through the show when she brought 2 fans on stage. They both say how much her music and message helped them through rough times and, let me tell you, this was a great reminder that at the end of the day, behind all the craziness, there really is a beautiful message.

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From Poker Face to Jazz

After hits like Bad Romance and Poker Face, the crazy pop star turned into an elegant diva while performing a jazz song. This was a really beautiful and unexpected moment while Gaga was showing the crowd that underneath it all lays an unbelievable and talented performer. Long story short, Lady Gaga’s artRave was crazy and also brilliant.

My name is Mirona and I was born in a small city in Romania. I moved to Bucharest a couple ofyears ago and since then my life is pretty much full of amazing adventures. I am one lucky person, I was given the opportunity to travel and not only that, I get to share my stories with you, which is pretty awesome.

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