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The toy industry is an extremely large industry with gross profits and high revenues. Just come to your local Toys “R” Us and you`ll see thousands of brands from different toy manufacturers. Kids all over the world always want some kind of toy, and the manufacturers we`re going to look at in our listings are the largest toy companies around the world (by market capital). The company manufactures toys for different age categories, some of which include 0 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months, 9 to 12 months and 12 months and more. Categorizing age in this way allows children to learn faster based on age and understanding. Mattel has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception; It is officially one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world and was listed on the Fortune 500 list in 2014. Mega Brands is a Canadian company currently owned by Mattel, Inc. The toy company`s renowned product is called Mega Bloks, it is a construction brand, with brands such as Mega Puzzles, Board Dudes and Rose Art. This company has a huge range of handmade puzzles, toys and toys.

Mega Brands was founded by Victor Bertrand and his wife Rita on the day of Ritvik Holdings, which is spread all over the world. Toys were an instant hit in Canada and the United States, later emerging with their complementary brands. Transformers toys are primarily vehicles, animals, or devices that can be turned into robots and turned into their original figures. They imitate the characters from the Transformers series. The series began in the 1980s and received a mix of positive and negative reactions. Playmobil is a toy manufacturer based in Zirndorf, Germany, founded by the Brandstatter Group. This company was fundamentally recognized by Hans Beck, the German financier, who took 3 years from 1971 to 1974 to found this company – Playmobil. When making the characteristic toy, the person wanted something that would fit in a child`s hand and be part of his imagination. Initially, the product he created was about 7.5 cm tall, had a big head and a big smile without a nose. Playmobil has also manufactured other toys such as buildings, vehicles and animals, etc., created in the form of separate figurines, themed series, as well as play sets that continue to bring the latest toy products to the market. Mattel creates the most innovative toys that inspire, entertain and develop children through play. Mattel is the largest toy company with one of the strongest catalogs of children`s and family entertainment franchises in the world.

The company has become the face of the leading toy companies operating in the European market. American Girl dolls are specially designed for girls aged 8 to 12 years. The first set of dolls was released in 1986. The dolls were sold alongside books focused on American history. But the story has been expanded to also include stories from the contemporary world. As the demand for toys continues to increase, competition between toy manufacturers to conquer the market has also increased steadily. But who is the winner of the conquest? Let`s look at these top 10 toy companies in the world in 2017. Clementoni has been working in the toy industry for over 60 years. It is one of the most creative toy brands in Europe.

From baby toys, educational games to science games, Clementoni offers all kinds of toys and is considered one of the toy companies in the world. The company`s toys help children develop new skills in logic and observation. Due to its popularity and love, Mattel was able to sell over a billion fashionable Barbie dolls. The popularity of the products has led to the use of, clothing and other accessories, industries to use Barbie dolls as a vehicle for sale. And it really worked wonders for some. VTech is the Hong Kong-based company that has become one of the global providers of e-learning products. Its products are aimed at people from early childhood to kindergarten. The world`s largest manufacturer of cordless phones – and therefore one of the most profitable companies in the world. VTech was founded in 1976.

It is headquartered in TaiPo, Hong Kong. The CEO is Allan Wong Chi Yun. The company`s main subsidiaries are Leap Frog, VTech Electronics North America LLC. It operates in 11 countries. Excellent company, but I think they were arrested, but I`ve never noticed it before. #1 on our list is Mattel, Inc. Mattel is one of the largest, if not the largest, toy manufacturers in the world. They also have the highest market capitalization of any toy manufacturer. This Fortune 500 company was founded in California in 1945 and has a name that means toys. Mattel owns and manufactures the Barbie line, Hot Wheels, Polly Pocket, Little Mommy, American Girl, Fisher-Price, Matchbox Cars and more, earning them 1st place on our list of the biggest toy companies.

Lego, what can I say. A toy that has seduced many generations for its creativity and usefulness in many areas; Many brands and toys survive over the years. Twice voted best toy of the century and ranked by Time as one of the best inventions. Played by millions of children and adults. With quality, the 900 P.S.I. Honestly, the reason Lego is still there is fan engagement and the determination to stay strong and focused on quality. I hope you have a good day. My Little Pony is one of the most popular Hasbro products. The brand, which was launched in 1981, was not so famous and was discontinued and relaunched at least twice before its final launch in 2010, which proved important for the company. When it relaunched in 2010, My Little Pony sold about 100 million ponies. Hasbro is an American multinational founded in 1923.

The company is headquartered in Pawtucket, USA, and specializes in gaming and entertainment. The CEO is Brian Goldner. The main subsidiaries are Wizard of Coast and Entertainment One Television. Nintendo is another international company in japan`s list. The company is recognized as one of the largest video companies in terms of net worth. Nintendo`s name is known to mean “leave happiness to bliss”, which refers to its gameplay. .

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