Where to stay when traveling to Campania, Italy?

It takes a long time to discover Southern Italy because it is so rich in history and traditions and you really need to enjoy it all. I just started and will, for sure , continue this wonderful journey. Now I send my best regards from Campania where I met some wonderful people, had an amazing time and tried to absorb as much as I could from their culture and tastes 🙂 My first stop will be here, at this beautiful ranch, the perfect accommodation where I will introduce to you: Monica, & Gianni and the rest of the staff.

NEGRI family

On a place like Campania, don’t be stubborn to book the accommodation on the sea side, most probably you’ll miss those moments that are making your holiday a very special one. Somewhere up on the hills, not very far from Salerno, there’s this small ranch called Agrinegri. It belongs to generations of the Negri ancient nobility family, from the small village of Fisciano. Louis, the baron, build here the summer residence, around the year 1800; his son, Antonio Negri was the mayor for several years. The mayor’s son, namesake of his father and grandfather, had an important role in the movie industry, during the “Dolce Vita” era. He was very determined to contribute on the wellbeing of his small village and one of the things was the transformation of the country from the ancient vineyards to the hazelnuts crops. Monica, the only heir of the Negri family, decided to restructure the old farmhouse and built here a beautiful place where tourist spend unforgettable times.

Agrinegri, bioagriturismo 

Once you’re up on the hills of Gaiano, a small road will take you in front of a beautiful terrace. Your eyes will be enchanted by the beauty of the place: all the amazing flowers, beautiful roses and trees. Once I stepped out of the car, a voice draw my attention ” You’re Anamaria, welcome to Agrinegri”. It was Monica Negri in person, the lady who decided to carry on the story of her family. We already knew and appreciated each other from the emails, because our visit here was very well planed before our arrival. Monica is a strong and beautiful lady and I have a special interview that I prepared and will soon be published here, but until then, let’s continue the tour of the property.

An old, renovated, farmhouse with beautiful gardens, playing & relaxation areas 

The old buildings, where the workers use to live, were renovated and transformed into a cosy pension. What came out of this, it really needs to be appreciated, there’s nothing you miss here: the rooms are beautiful and well organised, amazing views are opening in front of your windows, everything is very clean and nicely done. At almost every step you make, there is a relaxation area with astonishing gardens, all well preserved by Monica’s other half, mr. Gianni. A well distinguished guy who appreciates the simple things. I will never forget his 11 o’ clock coffee break with the staff 🙂

Agrinegri is a ranch for the whole family

The mornings looked like this: Gianni takes the kids, around 9 o’clock, to make all the preparations for feeding the animals: bunnies, chickens, a playful goat, some ducks and 2 donkeys. Feeding the bunnies and looking for the fresh eggs, were the most appreciated moments. Gianni is, for sure, a best friend of the kids.

What about the food? AMAZING

Every dish we eat was homemade and real food. I met the staff from the kitchen and assisted them while cooking. I saw Monica taking part of the job too, and Claudia, this beautiful Romanian girl, that is also welcoming guests at the reception, she showed me how they make some traditional pasta.  When being at the table, I never spotted someone being busy or paying attention to something else than enjoying the moment. Tasty food, nice wine and beautiful stories with family and friends.

Tips: Don’t miss the sunrise & sunsets, and also taste the caramelised walnuts!

P.S. Agrinegri is a place where I would always go back again, and will for sure…but until then I recommend it with my open heart and once you’re there please send my best regards to the wonderful people!
















I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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