5 steps for a pleasant flight with toddlers is something that I learned when we first flew to a holiday destination. Flying for the first time could be stressful even for an adult so, try to picture this first time for a kid/toddler. How many times did you encountered situations when you just couldn’t enjoy a nap during a flight because there was too much of crying and angry sounds coming from the youngest passengers? I would say that first time traveling by plane is crucial for future times. What makes your kid relaxed and enjoy the ride? I might have some tips & tricks here!

Talk about it in advance 

Explaining and talking about things is always the best way to have a calm and well balanced child. Just try to step in their shoes and you’ll notice you’re just the same. So, what you enjoy, try to do the same for the others. Talk about where are you planning to go, where do you fly to and what is exactly happening when you are on that plane. What is an airport and what are you going to do there and in case your kid is not talking yet, don’t take this as a NO to the scenario, because there are other ways to show and tell.

Travel with his favourite toy

When familiar objects surrounds them, kids show more relaxed. So when you leave home, don’t forget to take his favourite toy. It will keep him busy and trilled. There’s somebody who needs his attention and guidance 🙂

Let him be in control

Treat the kid like is your equal road trip partner, meaning that he can even carry a small bag. When having duties and responsibilities, they don’t have time and the need to think how small and helpless they are.

Give him food and water 

Food and water is always a good treat for your toddler. They don’t eat a lot at once, so they, for sure need snacks. Also keep him hydrated, which is also good for you too 🙂

Travel is fun

When travel means fun for you, it has the same meaning for him. If you somehow think otherwise, your whole trip could be in jeopardy, meaning that your little fellow might be anxious and even cry the whole route. That would be shame, isn’t it? When you know that things can be so nice, why not start with this exact thought and begun your holiday with the right foot!


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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