Sailing in British Virgin Islands is like having the best wine on a terrace in Tuscany. The place I’m telling you about are a group of islands where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. The biggest one in the group is called Tortola and some smaller ones surround it. British Virgin Islands shelter some of the world’s most famous natural beauties that you can only see sailing. Three days sailing in British Virgin Islands can make your holiday. All you need is a very good skipper and a nice boat. Ask for one here. With that being arranged you will spend some incredible days.

The base is located in Joma Marina, Port Purcell; Eastern side of Road Town. There you’ll meet some wonderful people and they will take care of everything so you can enjoy every moment while being on board or visiting islands. Our skipper was Julian Putley and you’ve already met him in our previous article  “British Virgin Islands, a story about people“.

British Virgin Islands from plane

A very good route for 3 days sailing in British Virgin Islands

First day, starting from Joma Marina around noon, you can easily reach Norman Island with the Indians and Pelican Cay. These two are perfect spots for snorkeling. The underwater life is a pretty varied one and there are also some caves that can be explored. You will have the feeling of being a little professional explorer. In fact there are so many caves and hidden bays here that tourists still explore hoping that one day they’ll find the treasure. It is said that the island and all those tales about its treasures inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write the novel “Treasure Island”. The island was named after a pirate and they also say that in the summer of 1750 there was a treasure buried here. Tip: when you land in British Virgin Islands make sure you’ll get on Norman Island properly equipped for searching the treasure.

Pelican Cay British Virgin Islands

Second day on board

Virgin Gorda is a pretty large island, third largest to be more precisely, and famous at the same time.  Christofor Cholumbus named it “The fat virgin” because of how it looks on the horizon. The main town here is called Spanish Town and it is just perfect in case you want to do some shopping or you are chasing some souvenirs. But the main attractions are “The Baths” located on the southern end of the island which are in fact the evidence of the island being a volcanic one. There are some huge granite boulders on the white sand beach that makes the place really beautiful. Tip: do not try to “park” your motorboat on the beach because you’ll have a really hard time trying to put it in the water again. The big waves could also turn it upside down. The only transportation means on water that will not give you a headache are those dingy.

Baths in Virgin Gorda

Cooper Island is another must see location. We are talking about a really small island with five privately owned properties and a nice small beach club resort. Food and drinks here are amazing, not to mention the souvenir shops. Cooper Island is also a part of the “wreck alley” in the British Virgin Islands. A number of vessels have deliberately been sunk here and they form this playing ground for tourists.

Cooper Island

Day 3, perfect for swimming and snorkelling!

The most precious moment while snorkeling, I had it right there! A beautiful turtle was swimming along the shore so that she allowed us to follow her. It becomes really amazing when nature shows you the best she has. Tip: when turtles want to go back to the surface, just step aside, or better, swim aside, so that they can come for breathing. You will easily meet Turtles on Peter Island. This island is in fact a private owned one and it was named after Pieter Adriensen, “the commander”. After 1970’s a sailor purchased it and he established a resort that exists today. There are some grim stories about this place but the important thing is that today you can have a generous and savory lunch there. You will for sure not leave the island empty handed because they have this nice souvenir shop and like in all of the other islands your photo camera will work at full capacity.

Peter Island

Going back to Juma Marina there is a huge chance you’ll meet those water giants and it definitely means that there is no more room for you in Road Town.

We had three wonderful days sailing in British Virgin Islands thanks to Navigare-Yachting. Thank you Abbie Turner, Cassie Roost and Julian Putley.

Cruise ship sailing in british virgin islands

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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