There is a far away place that I am thinking a lot about, lately. It is just like that song that you hear it in your ears the whole day, or when you go to bed and wake up in the morning, having it in your ears all the time. This is the same feeling and the best part is that the song is beautiful, the sound is very nice and it only reminds me about amazing things. This “Anegada song” of mine, reminds me about this extraordinary holiday in British Virgin Islands.

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There is something about Anegada

When we go on holiday with this group of friends, there is this nice person that acts like an amazing guide. Of course you read about the destination you are about to go, and try to find out as many things as possible, but our friend that I am talking about here, he really makes sure you’ll not miss anything, especially those things that suits you the best. It was the same with Anegada and what intrigued me the most was that this island is not that easy to reach. I mean you can rent a small plane and that’s the best solution, but in case you are going by boat, you’ll find all kinds of warnings about where to anchor and stuff, because Anegada is the third biggest corral barrier in the world. So, in case you choose the boat, just be careful were you’ll “park” and if your choice was a plane be prepared for something rather small, tiny little “dingy”.

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Beautiful and protecting nature

Once you landed here, or dropped the anchor be prepared for a wonderful experience. Natural landscape in Anegada is a bit different than the other islands in the area. It is situated just 8 meters above the sea level and it is practically more exposed to “nature’s fury” when it is for strong winds and even hurricanes, but even so, locals learned how to cohabit with nature, how to take care of every plant and bird. For the first part of our trip we had this wonderful guide (taxi driver) and I remember his words even after almost a year: “Even if we get hit by a 5 degree hurricane, it will for sure not destroy the island”. And why is that? Because Dumo, the person who said these words, he also explained to us that they really do take nature seriously. They care about the plants, birds, animals and water so that the circle is complete and nature is protecting them too.

photo 3


Many years ago, when I was not even born, Anegada had this beautiful flamingo’s habitat, that got destroyed because people started hunting them. Now, they changed their minds about this and, for some years now, they begun to repopulate the island with this beautiful species of rare birds. But this time, you are not even allowed to be in their surroundings. They don’t have to sense you because you’ll scare them. You can see them though, from distance and if I had the proper lens on me you would even see the pictures now. Well, next time!

photo 4

Astonishing colors of Anegada Island

Exotic islands always have something particular that will enchant your eyes forever. Anegada does not make an exception and that wildness combined with just a bit of human touch creates the best chromatic effect. I will always remember Anegada’s beautiful colors with a bit of smile on my face.

I would really like that you will one day visit the island and discover what we’ve discovered there: amazing nature, wonderful people and a nice way of cohabitation between those two.

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I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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