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In summary, it`s important to understand that UPS wants your entire mail order business. Any decrease in volume may affect any upgrades that apply. I always recommend trying to get the guaranteed discount levels as high as possible, applying less of your total discount to the shipping volume. We may, in our sole discretion, set and enforce restrictions on your use of the API Technologies (for example.B. limit the number of requests you make). You agree and will not attempt to circumvent these documented limitations with API technology. If you wish to use API technologies beyond these limits, you must obtain our explicit consent (and we may refuse such a request or make your acceptance subject to your acceptance of additional terms and/or fees for such use). Stay tuned for Part 2 of our UPS agreement blog series. We will review the following information: Addendum B incentives and minimum rates are based on and derived from the most recent UPS daily rates. Each eligible package (or shipment) and accessories will receive the appropriate incentive for the duration of the agreement. Most shippers focus only on this section during a UPS shipper contract.

Incentives are divided into two categories: guaranteed discounts and multi-level incentives. Most shippers find agreements too complex or structured in a way that is too confusing to be understood. In contrast, most companies only look at discount incentives and do not consider other aspects of pricing. The first page of most UPS Carrier contracts includes the terms of the contract and the corresponding signatures. This includes the following provisions: pricing, automation, payment terms, service, confidentiality, duration, expiration of the offer and previous agreements. Here is a brief summary of what you need to know on page 1 of the UPS Agreement. A customer can expect 6 to 7 levels of shipping volume. Their shipping volume is based on weekly gross turnover, these are the pre-reduced transport costs of the previous year. Finding the right level is essential when negotiating your UPS shipper contract, where reports and analytics come in handy. Refund Retriever has reports to help you. 2.3.4 Retrieval of a digital invoice. You may receive invoices for the Services through the Online Services (“Digital Invoice”).

Your request to receive invoices in electronic form (or, if effective, your payment of an invoice received in electronic form) constitutes your consent to receive invoices in electronic form, except in countries and territories where other form of consent is required by law. You can request to receive your invoices in paper form. You acknowledge and agree that in the event that you receive both the digital invoice and the paper invoice version from us, the official control invoice is the paper invoice version and any digital invoice you receive is provided solely for your convenience. You agree to transfer payment for all invoices generated by the digital invoice in accordance with the policy. You further agree that if the digital invoice results in the creation of an invoice that does not reflect an accurate fee, we will charge you any additional amount applicable to the transaction and you agree to pay us within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. We see a lot of deals here at Refund Retriever, a UPS deal can be 4 to 25 pages long. Fortunately, they all follow a similar structure, so this article will help you better understand the UPS contract structure and pricing terms. In addition to understanding the agreements, we will also give you some tips on how to get the best UPS deal for your business. Keep in mind that UPS prohibits shippers from reselling or offering inducements to third parties without THE prior written consent of UPS.

Failure to comply with this prohibition may result in immediate termination of the Agreement and any applicable inducements. Addresses and account numbers in this section are not subject to the UPS 3rd Party Accessory Fee. This section is more important than most people realize. UPS Contract Incentives are only available for approved locations and account numbers specified in Appendix A. Your account numbers and affiliates, each of which is more than fifty percent (50.0%) owned by your company, can be added or removed. However, this only requires seven business days by mutual written agreement between you and UPS to make UPS effective. Your Application will not contain, use, or present a rate comparison for Services, Service Levels, or Third-Party Service Rates that are not a subsidiary of UPS Capital Group, including comparisons in the same screen, window, or browser, and automatic rules-based comparisons. Section 5. Support services. From time to time, we may provide technical support in response to your request to help you use the Online Services (“Support Services”). You hereby authorize UPS Capital Group and its authorized agents (the “Support Providers”) to provide Remote Support Services over the Internet or otherwise.

During these remote sessions, support providers can help you make changes to your IT systems. By requesting and receiving the Support Services, you authorize us and the support providers to manipulate and modify your computer systems, applications, files and data to the extent reasonably necessary to provide you with Support Services. You acknowledge and agree that all Support Services are provided at our discretion and that nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as obliging us or the Support Provider to provide Support Services. You acknowledge and agree that you may disclose your information and data when providing support services or that we or support providers may comply with such information and data and that such information and data will be considered non-confidential and therefore will not be covered by Section 4 (Privacy) of this Agreement. . . .

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