Hundertwasser House Vienna is definitely a must see location, because it’s so colourful and, to be honest unusual building.  We are talking about a hand of an artist here, by the name Friedensreich Hundertwasser. You could easily notice that the guy started up as a painter, but than he become more interested in architecture. And, as much as I am looking at the pictures from Barcelona, showing Gaudi’s work, I might even say that Hundertwasser House could be mistaken as one of his buildings, even though it is not. What I know for sure, they were not friends, because Gaudi was a bit older 🙂

Talking about the building, there are two other names to be mentioned here: Joseph KrawinaWell and Peter Pelikan. The history of the construction is quite complicated and involves some Court decisions but the thing is, Hundertwasser is a nice and somehow unique apartment building, which was completed by the year of 1895. The reason why you should visit the place is because it shows the philosophy of an architecture in harmony with nature. There are more than 200 trees and shrubs, it is practically  a green oasis in the middle of the City.

The building cannot be visited from the inside, but you can enjoy the Hundertwasser House tiny village and be amazed by the big trees and their huge roots coming out of the pavement. Admire the colours of the facade and find out more about the place.

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