Best pizza in the world & a quick guide to Naples

Being in Naples is because you are in town with business or you really wanna try the best pizza in the world 🙂 Of course there has to be some other reasons too! So, this quick guide to one of the most crowded and hectic towns of Italy will take you to some places you should not miss.

L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele

What is all about this pizzeria that actually got it into a movie with this famous actress, Julia Roberts? Don’t tell me that you have no idea what I am talking about! It’s the “Eat, pray, love” romantic-comedy where Elisabeth Gilbert tells her memoirs. Nice one, Sunday movie, you should try. Ok, so I really was interested in their product and I went to Naples to find out! My first reaction was like “well these people have guts to sell only two kinds of pizza and some beverages aside”! Yes, that is all and they have this picture with Julia eating their pizza. Of course my order was: “one Margherita & one Napoletana prego” ;-)) and than I just fell in love with it & actually begun to understand the line: “I think I’m in a relationship with my pizza” 🙂 From now on “my pizza place” is in Naples, via Cesare Sersale, 1.

History & modern era 

Naples like many other big cities of the world, has this mixture of old and new. The well preserved historical monuments makes your stay a very pleasant one. Don’t miss Piazza del Plebiscito where you can admire the Royal Palace. In case you are into the evening walks, make a quick stop to admire the lights here.

Galleria Umberto deserves your attention too. All those Piazze & Piazzeta from the city centre, Via Vittoria Emanuelle from where you have this nice view to the Castle Nuovo, a medieval castle located in front of Piazza Municipio. This practically is one of the main architectural landmarks of Naples which was first erected in the year of 1200.

Modern era

When I arrived to Naples I first thought to myself “Why am I not after at least 3 days os SPA or a week spent alone in the mountains 🙂 ? ” Wanna know why? Naples is a hectic city with lots of modern era ingredients like: cars, motor scooters, noise,  things that can disturb your inner peace. And there’s this other thing about all the waste you notice all over. In case you decide to stay in a boutique hotel located in the city centre you’ll notice exactly the time when they come to collect the garbage. All in all, Naples is a city worth added to your city break list.

The narrow streets – real life

The city centre of Naples also has something that you could easily notice in the movies, but as a tourist you actually try to avoid. You just have this feeling you’re interfering with their day by day life, their privacy. All the homes located on the narrow streets are built in a way that once the door is opened, you see the houses and the people leaving inside. Trying to get to the seafront I passed one of those streets and I was fascinated. I didn’t kill to much time over there but that was for sure an interesting walking tour.



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