Have you wondered where to eat the best burger in New York? We’ll tell you after a short story.

When you think of a burger you are either very hungry or you just let your thoughts fly to America. None of these two versions are wrong; it’s just that something’s missing there. The word hamburger actually comes from the name of German’s second largest city, Hamburg. It is said that many people left the city for the United States. And now we are coming closer and closer to the truth. It is said that the first hamburger and steak sandwich were sold in the US, in 1900. Some reporter of New York magazine actually said that at first the dish didn’t have a name until some immigrant from Hamburg came and named it after his hometown. The idea is that the Library of Congress has officially declared that Louis Lassen (Louis’ Lunch) is the “inventor” of the best burger. Obviously, I did not taste his dish but what I did though, is ate at one of the best burger place in New York City, state of New York, the United States.

Statue of Liberty

Best hamburger in New York City, Burger-Joint

I am talking about a back-room joint burger that belongs to the category: unusual places to arrange a restaurant. The exact location is behind a large red curtain in the lobby of this posh NYC hotel, Le Parker Meridien. Burger joint is a must do when you’re in NYC. When you enter the hotel, don’t be shy and just push away the curtain. And don’t be in a rush because you’ll have to wait a short while, but at the end of the waiting time you’ll definitely be rewarded. The menu is simple and after you follow the steps you’ll eat the best burger ever.

best burger

Burger joint is one of this special places NYC has and you’ll be easily seduced, so after being there once you’ll come back again, like I did. The restaurant was built, or, I would say arranged, back in 2002. They’ve also opened another one on the 8th street NYC and two others, one in Dubai and one in South Korea. There is a nice love story that happened at the Burger Joint. One of the cooks and a girl from the counter got married after a few years and now they are a beautiful family with two kids. They still work there and cook the best burger in New York City !

Burger Joint NYC

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