MyTravelStudio is about sharing experiences and special moments. It’s a journey about people and places, history, culture, cuisine and more. Everything we write about is only published after we make sure it will make you enjoy the ride. We would like to make you feel every sensation, taste and smell every single dish we had and we will never forget. Once you decided to spend some moments with us it will be so easy to understand that travel makes you richer. We will be so proud to know that visiting our page made you step on our traces. Our map is marked with many unforgettable places and moments and we will not only mention them, but also make you travel with us.

Vienna offers you the most incredible concert at the Opera, Prague is revealing to you like a storybook, Paris, London and New York are sensational with so many to offer, Las Vegas is the one and only.  Our journey continues with waterskiing and some adventures in Caribbean, boat trip in Croatia or Greece, or the most Zen and romantic place on earth called Bali. We met so many kind and special people along the way to whom we want to thank. Every place on earth has many stories to tell and this is what we are here for.

And all of the pages are written in a country with four seasons, Romania.