Being pregnant was such a beautiful and fulfilling journey, so I decided not to let the time pass till I will somehow forget some important parts of it. In fact, starting with pregnancy your whole concept of life is changing, it is a new beginning, it is the most beautiful and intense feeling of all! It can also be the time when you realize there are so many questions to be asked and on the other hand, the time when your balance and Zen mode are at maximum! The experience must be shared so let’s proceed!

Pregnancy equals more kilos

The question in pregnancy stays the same “to eat, or not to eat?”  My starting weight was pretty decent at the beginning of “the journey” and, to be honest I stopped counting after plus 16 kilos. Of course I read “manuals” with “what’s the perfect weight when you are pregnant?” And of course there is always a general answer for these kind of questions. In particular, though, there are so many different facts that must be taken into consideration. Before starting to worry try to answer some questions regarding: the starting weight, your height, are you a sporty type? Lifestyle, eating habits, what about: too much bread or pasta or sweets!

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Don’t be on a diet when you are pregnant

Being on a diet when you are pregnant is NOT a good idea! When a baby is growing into your uterus he needs all the vitamins and minerals for developing properly so he will not be “abstinent” when it comes to taking everything needed from you. So, in case you care more about your perfect shapes, have in mind that: either you’ll be missing out on calcium and other stuff and that will cause you problems in time, or your baby can be born with lack of vitamins. A compromise can although be made: you can always reduce the quantity of bread, pasta & sweets from your daily meals and maybe replace with a chocolate lab! Ha ha ha!

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Pregnancy is NOT a weight war

So, to answer the question in the first place: no, pregnancy is not a weight war in case you accept that changes will take place into your system, that your body will, for 9 months look a bit different and if you will make a beautiful “journey” out of it! To be honest I never took pregnancy as an excuse to eat more or a wider variety of foods. I am already the type that likes to eat, not much but diverse and delicious. I like to enjoy food, so a diet for example would be too much of a punishment for me. Knowing this about me made me have in mind other “weight control” measures. Even so, have I gained many kilos during pregnancy, yes I have, but here I am, after 8 months being 5 kilos far from the weight I was when I started being pregnant. Want to find out some tips & tricks? They will soon be revealed here. Until then I am wishing you well!

Kisses & hugs

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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