Who knows how to cook an egg? Who knows at least one method of cooking the best omelette? And finally, which one of you has learned the secrets of a poached egg? Well, I now posses the answers of these three questions! One: I thought I know how to cook an egg; two: I now know more than one method of doing a good omelette and, and be prepared for no. 3: I know the secret of a poached egg! How did it all happened? Don’t imagine me searching YouTube for that! I tell you what happened! The whole truth and nothing but the truth!

cooking class fun

It was a hot summer noon when I answered this call and a nice voice was asking me if I wanted to attend this cooking lesson. “The main actor is the egg this time”, she said. It was a last minute invitation! Thanking for the invite, I politely declined. I was at home with my baby boy, so I didn’t saw any other thing I could do. But things are happing for a reason and my husband just arrived and while talking about our day I told him about the call. He said “What time is it? You go, I take care of our sun, go, go”! Two hours later I found myself in a room with a handful of nice people and this famous radio man, now a chef, Razvan Exarhu. A well equipped kitchen was waiting for the cooking lesson to start.

Razvan Exarhu

I saw lots of butter, eggs and parmesan and a guy who was eager to share with us all his knowledge about cooking an egg. Then, of course, there was a steak too, but I will only talk about the eggs today, because I missed that part. So, what happened first was this “mouse” like omelette. I am eating the best omelette at home, with my husband’s signature on it and it always seemed so complicated to me; ingredients, cooking time, what you put first and than when and how you add the eggs etc. And then of course it has this incredible taste! And now, we have this very simple French recipe for a perfect breakfast dish, that even a girl can do! Secrets: you need to move fast and have everything at room temperature, said the master of the omelette. Excellent texture, yummy taste! How is it made? I might convince the chef to show us one day!

cooking class omelette

Cooking lessons are fun! You meet people with at least one common interest; you become more skilled in the kitchen and learn things that you might never heard of. For example, I learned about the “slow cooking egg” method. It is actually called “Onsen Tamago”, which means “hot springs eggs”. To be more precisely “Onsen” means spring and “Tamago” means egg, in Japanese. Eggs prepared this way, were originally boiled in hot springs. What is so special about this egg is the silky like whites and the creamy texture of the yolk. The egg is being cooked for about 40 minutes at maximum 68 degrees C. In case you try it out, let me know about the result!

cooking class - Hollandaise sauce

After this mouse light omelette, Razvan decided we are prepared for the next level! At least some of us were, after doing 5 or 6 omelettes! Roxana (Light Good Food), feeling a bit of nausea, because of her pregnancy, didn’t quit! She had this ambition of practicing the omelette until she beats the teacher! Ha ha! Did she? I liked them both, so I have no idea! Now comes the part I liked the most! The poached egg! Secret! Take a cold egg and pour it into boiling water, after you created a vortex into the water. That’s most important but is not all you need to know. I might even show it to you. A plate containing a toast, salmon, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce sounds too good? Does it?

poached egg

Eggs, bubbles & conversation by and with Razvan Exarhu was an amusing cooking lesson that could even suite those of you who are not such a big egg fans like me.  Cooking lessons are so refreshing and they bring so much benefit, not only for you, but for the entire family. In Bucharest I know the best place – Koon! Love you girls!

me and Luana Honig Koon

cooking with Razvan Exarhu


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