A guy decided one day that he wants to cross the Golden Gate Bridge on the will of a racing car. They even had to close the streets for that and for a perfect race, he had to do it more then once.  So now the guy, the car and Golden Gate Bridge/San Francisco, are all famous because of this challenge.  And here you go, the perfect subject to start a debate.

Who and based on what does one decide how to rate a city? There are all kinds of researches and criteria. It’s exactly what we have recently done and we decided to present our conclusion.

Golden Gate Bridge

So, we took this city that we picked not really by chance. A friend of ours is going there often because of his line of work and he helped us with the article.

San Francisco is this city from California, a leading financial and cultural one for Northern part of the state. Having some hundreds of years of history behind, San Francisco is now ranked 44th in top tourist destination.

view to financial district

What makes San Francisco worth being visited?

Maybe the Golden Gate Bridge itself, appearing in so many Hollywood movies, all kinds of recordings and pictures. It’s like an emblematic bridge helping San Francisco in luring as many tourists as possible.  Maybe those famous hills with streets going up and down and houses that would be hard to find in some other places.

beautiful house

San Francisco is also famous for having a big number of people living in the streets, not really nice statistics, so to call it. But it is the reality, people are going there because of the title the city has, the leading financial and cultural city, they are hoping to find work but apparently there are not enough jobs to offer for everyone. And than there are some famous gangs too, but taking a look at the bright side we have some statistics saying that with all the facts presented here San Francisco has a low crime rate for U.S.

up and down the streets

I just realized that we often write about places with so many contrasts and this is not really made on purpose. But the explanation can be because of the fact that exactly these places have the most interesting and beautiful things to show. So in the end, is San Francisco worth being visited? Of course it is, and you will be really convinced immediately after landing there. And when you go you should know that the most convenient for you will be to find a hotel near the water and when you choose an expensive one you will always pay extra for parking, breakfast or internet.


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