I met a chimney sweep a few days ago and I touched the brush he uses for cleaning the chimney, they say it brings you luck. This happened in Brasov, Romania when a very dear friend of mine took me for a walk and showed me the old city.

Brasov is one of my favorites, it preserves pretty much from the old times and it’s situated on the mountain part of Romania.

Kronstadt or Corona was the name of the city in the middle ages. German colonists were here and they played a very important role in developing the area. The traces of that era are real visible today.

Brasov black church

A visit to Brasov can really make your day. Feeling the mountain air and despite being in the city gives you a nice sensation. We started with the Black Church, one of the largest Gothic Style churches in Southeastern Europe and continued with the narrowest street in Europe (so they say). It is called the “Rope Street” (strada Sforii).  The locals come here when they want to have some artistic wedding pictures for example.

Brasov sforii street

One of the old entrances to the city, Khatarinentor (Poarta Ecaterina) was recently restored like some other parts of the fortification ensemble.

Brasov poarta ecaterina

Compared with other cities from Romania, Brasov is a large one, being the 7th most populated city but does not have the characteristics of a large agitated town.

The old center has a nice small square where people come for a walk, have coup of coffee or a nice dinner. In the summer time they come for the concerts kept on the stage that is arranged near the fountain. Last Saturday the locals gathered here to see and listen to Richard Kleiderman.

Brasov brasov square

Like I said, the old architecture of the city was pretty well kept in time but that doesn’t mean that new buildings are not built. Some years ago a new residence was raised. It is called The Bellevue Residence. The name actually came because of the view you have from every window. Some incredible people thought about offering the possibility to leave above the city and very close to the heart of the mountain. The residence is situated exactly on the road through Poiana Brasov, a very known winter resort.

Brasov bellvue residence

Brasov is famous because of the local legends too. There is a castle very near by, called Bran Castle or Dracula’s Castle, which they say was home of Vlad Tepes, who supposed to be Dracula.

Brasov is the city you want to visit while being in Romania. Actually it can be the starting point of your trip, being situated exactly in the middle of the country. After you see Brasov, either you can continue your route in Transylvania, or go in the other part, to the South and go to Bucharest or the Black Sea.

Brasov park

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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