I am one of the very lucky persons who got the chance to indulge into the fine sands, clear water of some of the finest exotic locations around the globe. For each of them there was a highlight on a specific topic: location, services, beaches, accommodation, shopping etc. Well…that was until I had the perfect vacation so far, where everything was at its best.

Bora Bora. Two words to describe it – beyond imagination. It is the vacation that will put a smile on your face years after, just thinking of it or seeing a picture.

Bora Bora Palm Trees

If you reach Tahiti you will most probably meet locals that feel that Bora Bora is a tourist trap. There is some true about it, however please do trap yourselves at the first occasion and you will have no regrets.

BoraBora needs no special advertising due to its outstanding location. The dazzling blue of the waters and the pristine beaches are the best marketing campaign.

Bora Bora resort

Le Meridien was our host during the vacation. Similar to most of the resorts in Bora Bora, Le Meridien is not located on the island, but on the ring of motus circling the island, so it is only accessible by boat. Also the airport is located on such a motus, therefore the plains are quite small, which, I may say, adds to the flavor of Tahiti.

We had the chance of being guest of Le Meridien right after the renovation finalized in 2011 and everything was shinny and new.


Le Meridien has private motorboats that pick up the guests and transport them to the resort docks. This is the first contact with the personnel of the resort, and for me it was a very pleasant one. They are very friendly, ready to make your vacation to be remembered.

At the resort we were welcome by songs and dances, making us feeling like in heaven.


The resort has three restaurants, and of course, if requested, private dining on the beach can be organized, as well as wedding ceremonies.

There is a special room with computers connected to internet, but there was also the possibility of paying for internet access from your room.


A great idea and very useful for the guest is that, on arrival, you receive a list with the activities you can take, locations, prices, and, once decided, the only thing you have to do is to pick up the phone and make a reservation.

There is a shuttle service from the resort to the island, so if you desire to go on your own on the island you have the transportation assured. However, please be aware that on the island you will need transportation.


The resort has a water activities center, so it is easy to have fun on the premises: snorkeling, kayaking, badminton, volleyball are only a few of the complimentary activities. There are also scuba diving lessons and water skiing available for an extra fee.


For those that love to work out also on vacation, there is a fitness center available. And since after an intense training a massage is more than welcome, Le Meridien has organized a wellness center ready to take care of that.


At Le Meridien all the wishes come true. So if you wish for a breakfast brought on a pi-rogue or a candlelight dinner, the resort has everything in place for you.

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