Ask me about Sweden and I will immediately tell you that for me this is a country of many contrasts. The minute I stepped on Swedish ground I felt that the Nordic experience is going to be an interesting one. Just Google Sweden and you will find out that it is the forth most competitive country in the world, or it’s probably the best governed in the world with the best education system, of course ranked by prestigious magazines, forums or even the United Nations. So where are those contrasts?

Well, these people have only about, let’s say, 1500 hours of sunshine per year, they see the daylight for only 6 hours in winter and parts of the country has freezing temperatures from September till may. The capital, where we’ve been, has 18 hours of daylight in June, so we landed on time! Did we catch some sleeping hours in Stockholm? Not in the first night for sure.


After one day of wondering the streets we all agreed that young girls were wearing a two parts uniform: short blue jeans and white shirt. Nothing wrong until you take a short look at the thermometer, 15 or in the best case 20 degrees Celsius. So how could we not think of ourselves like there was sort of a malfunction? I was wearing my trench coat during the whole trip.

Stockholm girls

What have we done in Stockholm? Main reason for going there was a Rod Stewart concert. He is in Europe this month and we just picked a city. With songs that nobody will ever forget and some new ones Rod Stewart made quite an evening. He is definitely one of the artists, who deserve more than just applause’s.  Of course his entire band was amazing. All that came after the concert was feeling the Scandinavian life.


Of course in only three days we came in touch with taxi drivers and waiters. Every one of them had his own version about Stockholm depending on where they came from. So we could have both sides of the story, Stockholm is great but it can also make your life hard.

Stockholm bridge

The capital can be pretty expensive from the tourist point of view. They don’t use euro as the national currency but when you transform the price of a beer let’s say, it’s going to make 6 euros. Be careful when you take a cab to choose the one that takes you 150 SEK/ride in town and when you go to a dinner be prepared to spend some money. Depending on the restaurant you will pay between 1200-1800 SEK/4 persons but they will for sure spoil you with some local delicatessen.  You definitely need taste roast reindeer, salmon stake, seafood cooked in so many ways and marinated herring.

Salmon on toast

Two of the most interesting tourist attractions are the Royal Palace and Vasa Museum. The palace will not be the most imposing one you have ever seen but it has many great stories. The use of the palace is almost the same in present days, as it was hundreds of years ago. Even if the king has only honorific position now he is, three or four times a year briefed about what the parliament does or intend to do and you can see the exact room where this meetings take place. Of course they organize balls and even receive guests at the palace.  So the ones of you who would loved to have lived in the times of kings and queens can at least try to pursue the kings people to let them have one night in the palace, maybe in some former king bed.


The other really interesting attraction in Stockholm is the Vasa Museum, one of the world’s foremost tourist attractions.

On 10 August 1628, Vasa set sail on her maiden voyage and sank in Stockholm harbor. The wreck was salvaged 333 years later. The former warship it’s almost 100% original even after so many hundreds of years under sea. The important thing is that Baltic Sea is not very salted which helped very much in preserving the wood. You should take at least 60 minutes for visiting the museum with all the exhibitions and films to really learn about Vasa.

vintage boat

We, MyTravelStudio team recommends Stockholm or any other Scandinavian city or region for you to visit. You definitely will not regret it.  Like we always say: be the experience!


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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