There are so many restaurants wherever you go, but still, there are not too many that make you say statements like “this was too good” or “excellent” or even “how can this restaurant be here?” It just happened to us and it is so fresh in my memory that I can even feel the tastes in my mouth.

I was planning a holiday a week ago and was undecided till the last moment; will it be Italy, Austria, Greece or where should we spend a few days, not too far but still something else. By the way, the next articles will be about how to plan and what to do on a holiday when you are pregnant. Back to the restaurant!


Here we are now, in Murnau, a nice small town in Southern Germany, Bavaria. Someone, a local, recommended this Italian food restaurant. After some days of excellent Bavarian food, we decided to follow the advice and go for Italian. And this is how you get involved with the food and keep asking yourself why can’t you just eat more? From the first bite, I was wowed by the flavors that invaded my mouth. I started with grilled artichokes and oyster mushrooms on rucola and cherry tomato with Parmesan cheese. How should I describe this? Artichokes are some of my favorite vegetables and when mixed with some nice crispy mushrooms and that fresh rucola with the taste of Parmesan there is nothing more you can wish for. I just did not pay attention to anything or anybody else. It was just that plate and me, this is the reason why I don’t have a photo!  But here is the other yummy plate!


After finishing with the antipasti we went for the main course and I sigh. Italian, you can imagine we went for pasta and the decision was just great. How should I put this? Flavor, texture and the perfect way the pasta were cooked made me ask myself once again, why can’t I just keep eating? A friend of mine was asking me recently what does “al dente” mean? Is it almost raw? He continued. And I said no, not at all, it means almost cooked. You need to stop boiling the pasta just at the right moment. And those guys from Il Duetto, Murnau, just know how to do it.


I should’ve started with the beginning but no, I went directly to the part about the food. But there is more. We arrived around 4 pm without any reservation for a table. The restaurant was empty, looking good, but empty. We were not sure, but this nice waiter came and welcomed us in Italian. He led us to the table and in a few minutes, after studying the menu, we ordered. That was the moment when people started to come, phone was ringing all the time and restaurant was full in no time. Every person entering had to stop by the entrance and say about the reservation. We had no idea about this all. So we were just lucky to find a table. When you go there it is better to call first and make a reservation.


Long story short, do ask about Il Duetto when you visit Southern Germany, more precisely Murnau. Nice restaurant, good personnel, excellent food and happy satisfied faces all around and all these for a decent price.



I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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