Do you always consider the weather forecast when planning a holiday? Guess not! Or even if you do, there cannot always be sunshine and 27 degrees Celsius. Here you have some great tips on how to make a rainy holiday awesome.

photo 1 mountains

Nice landscape!

I always have in mind the landscape when going on holiday. Nature has a lot to offer so why not make a priority out of it? It can be mountain or seaside, a nice countryside or even a historical city and you just don’t mind the rain. I experienced all these scenarios and with proper clothes I really didn’t noticed the rain that much.

photo 2 me & camera by the door

Good hotel room with balcony and view

Being on a holiday, let’s say for 7 days and having fickle weather most of the time, it is important to feel confortable and have a nice surrounding. I am now referring to accommodation. A spacious hotel room with good view over the place can bring a positive attitude. Even though your plan was to visit and walk all day long, the fact that you will spend some time in your hotel room won’t bother you at all.

photo 3 room with view

Best restaurants in town

Is the food an important fact when going on holidays? Yes, it is! And even more when the weather has not so much to offer. First meal of the day is usually breakfast at the hotel and then lunch and dinner or even some snacks are of your choice. For this particular topic, regarding the food, you should be well informed. The place where you spend your holiday may host some of the best restaurants where you have ever been. Enjoying a nice meal, in a cozy place, even a terrace with roof, being accompanied by raindrops will prove to be an amazing experience.

photo 4 delicious plate

Choose your company wise

When going on holiday, your travel companion is always important and apparently even more when you find yourself on a rainy holiday. The time spent together will seem even longer, so choose wisely. For example being with your lover/husband/wife this rainy holiday can even be beneficial for your relationship, so make the best out of it.

photo 5 entourage

Take some relaxing time

Resorts & Spa places gain more and more terrain lately and I can perfectly understand why. The probability of having a relaxing holiday seems to be much bigger when you choose this kind of accommodation. The madness in our everyday life makes us yearn for some quality time spent with ourselves. Being on a resort & spa when the weather gives you lots of rainy days will even turn into an advantage. You won’t be sorry for a minute that you are not outside because of all these massages, swimming and other relaxing activities.

photo 6 by the inside pool

So, having a nice landscape, a good hotel room with delicious meals, the best entourage and some time just for you will make your rainy holiday some great experience. No complaining and zero regrets for the time you get back home.


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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