I was traveling by plane yesterday, a short trip and I was reading the magazine they had on the plane. There was an article about the world’s most famous restaurants in 2013. In that moment I realized how important the cuisine is for having a perfect holiday. And my mind started to “travel” in all the places we’ve been and the food probably made us want to go back there sometime.  Wait, I will give you an example: the small and very chic islands in Croatia where you’ll find, maybe, just one terrace and one entire family is working there to serve you the best fish you ever had. It may be the story of Roca brothers from somewhere near Barcelona, Spain. They practically rule the world now!  We are talking about this Catalan family, living in Girona, who just won the year’s biggest title in cuisine; they own the best restaurant in the world.  They actually dethroned Noma from Copenhagen, another fantastic restaurant.

french cuisine

Now, back to our Roca brothers, they started in their mother’s restaurant many years ago, until they decided to open a new one. They entered the World’s 50 best restaurants eight years ago and just climbed since.

According to theworlds50best.com eating in this family restaurant is truly uplifting.

Do you want to make a reservation for today is definitely not doable! Want one for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? Also not doable! Come back in let’s say…10 months to one year! And this is not a joke!


Source photo: spanishrestaurant.ru

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