The green chapter continues on MyTravelStudio’s recipes. As long as there is still a market with local producers selling vegetables from their garden I will go there at least once a week. I get along well with some of them, they are really friendly and once they know what you need, the relationship will be perfect. I really need to tell you this funny story:  I was introduced to these people by a friend of mine and apparently we kind of look alike; I went there the other day to buy some tomatoes, the best ones, and the guy asked me: “What in the world are you doing with so many tomatoes?” And I was like “Ahh, sorry, I don’t think I got this! And he continues: “you were here yesterday and bought all 11 kilos of tomatoes I had”. That was the moment when I heard the bell ringing! The same moment when he asked: “Oh, my God, there are two of you?” And my answer was “yes, indeed. And from now on you’ll have to divide quantities to make sure we’ll both have tomatoes”. Luckily for me, my friend gave me some tomatoes that day


Now back to green and I’ll tell you how I cook broccoli cream soup. I think it is the easiest kind of dish. You just need some:

Fresh broccoli

One carrot

One leek

2 potatoes of medium size

Salt & pepper

Small piece of Celery

One clove of garlic

Small piece of pecorino cheese and pumpkin seeds or any kind of seeds

The way I cook it: boil the carrot, leek and celery and put a bit of salt into the boiling water. When I make sure they are almost done I put the broccoli to boil in the same pot. Potatoes are boiled separately. When everything is being ready to be smashed with the robot I go to the next step. You practically put everything in the blander with a quantity of the water from the pot and the fresh garlic. The consistency becomes creamy, I guess that’s why the name: broccoli cream soup

My tip: never add cream to a cream soup. It is the potato that makes it creamy. Cream would completely change the taste. Pour the cream in the plate and add some pecorino and seeds. Looks great, taste excellent.

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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