Have you ever imagined how beautiful life is because of music? Well, I did and I still do from time to time, especially when I get to see some of the world’s best artists performing live. There are travel destinations that I’ve chosen because of events such as concerts or shows.

My behavior related to favorite artists does not tell that I am a real fan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t actually love some of those people with incredible special voices and/or talents. I mean, if you would ask me right now when the next live performance of U2 is, I would really need some research work to tell you. It is exactly what I have done some years ago, not many, when U2 had that 360-degree tour. It began in 2009 and it lasted till 2011. It was spectacular and something that I wanted so badly to attend to. And so I had to see Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. I say it was a good choice for a concert like that. Beautiful and civilized public and really present, everything was well organized. The city is nice with a very rich history that makes it even nicer. I didn’t get to enjoy Zagreb at its best because there were just two days, one with the concert. But I promise I’ll go back, especially now when I have the best tour guide living there!


After the U2 concert in Zagreb I learned that when you go to a concert in a place you have never been before, you need two or three days extra for sight seeing. With our lesson learned we go for the next show: Stockholm! I remember being a kid and listening to Rod Stewart’s songs. What a wonderful voice! And there I was, having the occasion of seeing him in person and listening to that special voice, right there. The concert was held at the Ericsson Globe, world’s largest hemispherical building. Stockholm, on the other hand, has its part of being famous too, large and beautiful city in the Scandinavian hemisphere. What amazed me the most was that a day lasted much longer than the one I was used too. We were visiting in the summer!


Pink was the reason we visited New York for the second time, she is the reason I crossed the ocean again. Fantastic concert!

I would give it an A plus for everything. Barkley’s Center was hosting the concert and I remember it was sold out. The event was in December and I think you can at least guess how crazy that period can be in New York. Well it didn’t matter, because New York will always be one of our favorite cities in the world. And December, when everybody’s ready for Christmas, it’s really beautiful. I am going to tell you about a moment I enjoyed very much, beside the concert. We were walking in Central Park and, at the entrance where Donald’s Trump new building is, they organized this small fair where you could have a hot cup of apple juice or tee and buy those nice souvenirs or crazy hats. Well that moment when I had a coup of hot tee in my hands and it started snowing all of a sudden. The atmosphere and everything was just perfect. It was a beautiful winter evening in Central Park.

New York city

Another artist and the best magician of all time, we saw in Las Vegas. There is somebody in my family who enjoys moments of magic very much so I did some “magic” and there we were. David Copperfield was in the best shape and had his number to impress us. Impossible for me to dispel his tricks, so congratulations are in order. Las Vegas on the other hand, like I said before, spectacular! The City has the reputation of being “the capital of fun” and it can be, just be careful with the jet lag. If that’s the case there will be more sleep than entertainment. I have to admit; our room at MGM was fantastic so I somehow don’t regret having to spend some time in there.

las vegas

Next concert would be for me Bon Jovi’s, Celine Dion’s, AC-DC and many others. I will definitely keep you posted.

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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