Cambodia Islands, deserted oasis of virgin rain forests, warm sapphire waters and amazingly white beaches. This is a place where My Travel Studio would love to go and experience the nature. They only touched the island to build this extraordinary private resort so that the only thing remained to do is enjoy.

 white beaches

Song Saa Private Island means the Song Saa family, a team of well-trained and very kind people. They knew how to combine the Cambodian culture with professional development so the result can be the most authentic luxury experience.

luxury resort

This concept was born after a couple returned from their honeymoon. They were really impressed by the islands and waters on the Gulf of Thailand. So they were the first to develop a private island and bring out the beauty of nature in this part of the world.

romantic island

So, have you decided yet where to go and what to do in your next holiday? Our choice would be to discover and experience the ultimate luxury in a natural world may be your choice too.


Our research will continue so that we will come back with other proposals. All the places we will be revealing and are not in our stories section means that we haven’t been there yet, but we would definitely like to go.

starry nights

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