Subway stations are definitely one of the most crowded places of all you can imagine. The main purpose of such construction is to transit people from one place to another but it can also be an amazing exhibition hall. Some architects have gone the extra mile so that we can have an amazing experience by taking the subway.

My Travel Studio has decided to rate some of the most beautiful subway stations in the world. We give credit and thank for the pictures to some very kind people and of course we agree with the fact that a ranking will always have a subjective opinion.

Toledo Metro Station from Naples Italy is impressive that’s why we voted no.1 in our ranking. Some artists, really good designers and architects are contributing to this art program. Now you have at least one good reason to visit Naples.


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Next in our ranking comes the station from Stockholm, Sweden. Walls and sailings, cut into solid rock are left almost like caves. This is a very different approach when it comes to a subway station. Usually these constructions have a modern look so that passengers won’t feel they are in fact traveling under ground. What have they made with the walls put us in the position to rank  it no.2

Stockholm Tunnelbana, Sweeden

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Giving a position to some great extraordinary work turned out not to be an easy job. Here we have no.3, a station from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In a very fresh and springlike atmosphere people are coming and going somewhere in a daily basis.


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Even though it hasn’t been in use for more than 60 years, the New York City Hall’s station remains one of the most beautiful ever. Here is no.4

New York City Hall

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The fifth one is the station from Moscow. Komsomolskaya is beautiful and the most famous of all in the Line. Serving three terminals, it is located in the most crowded area of the city. Being opened after 1950 the station is revealing Russia itself.

Moskow Komsomolskaya, Russia

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