You need to see the beauty of the world through your own eyes, sense the smell with your own nose and feel the taste with your own mouth. The same sentence but in a fewer words would sound like this: “be the experience”, like our motto says. This is not a discovery I have recently made, but I just needed to say that, because of the wonderful time we have spent on our boat holiday in Croatia.

Let’s just name the words: catamaran, Croatia, special friends, turquoise water, Adriatic cuisine and relaxation, they match so good together that will enchant you forever and will for sure create an addiction. That’s the reason why MyTravelStudio is spending one week of every summer doing the exact same thing: sailing in Croatia!


After getting on board of a Lagoon 420, in marina Dalmacija, Sukosan, every single moment spent there was nothing but fulfilling.

Just picture the first morning: a coup of very good smelling coffee and a family of dolphins playing just a few meters far from our boat, after this perfect scenery a nice swim and then breakfast and the day just started. Just feeling the wind in your hair, smell the salty water and receiving what this wonderful nature has to offer, it will give you the real sense of freedom and the joy of traveling.

wind in my hair

Between the most famous or, let’s just say, best sailing destinations in the world, Croatia has its special treatment. It is certainly a bit spoiled I would say because of the multitude of small islands with the charming towns, green woods, calm and amazingly turquoise Adriatic waters. People are coming here from different countries just for having this wonderful experience.

charming village

I have just given you at least three good reasons why you should try this kind of holiday. We didn’t talk about the boats and the cuisine, another strong reasons. I intentionally left these two topics for other articles on MyTravelStudio.

So, next time we’ll meet here for an amazing story about how people pursuit their dreams, find their happy place and how I was totally amazed to meet this special person again and to realize that for friendship, the boundaries between countries, just don’t have any meaning.

beauty swan

MyTravelStudio is the place where we share our experiences so that it’ll make much easier for you to find the perfect holiday. We also strongly believe that every single person on this Earth deserves to see all the amazing places and find out about special people, even if just by browsing on an internet page. Keep browsing on MyTravelStudio for more stories and you will learn more about Croatia and also the continental part of this charming and beautiful country.


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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