Paris, the city of love, is one of the first cities in Europe that we’ve visited. We didn’t go back there since, but it is definitely worth being seen, I must say. Paris has so many legends and so much reputation that you must see for your self how much of it represents reality.

When is the best time to travel to Paris? Well after the long, warm summer in the first or second part of autumn and than in winter when all the lights prepared for Christmas and New Years Eve are shining through the city.  Also spring and early summer can make you enjoy being a tourist in Paris.

They have many tourist attractions so prepare yourself for very long walks and late dinners. All you really need are very comfortable shoes and a camera.  Of course you may have lots of opportunities to rest and relax in all these French “jardins” where you meet so many Parisians on their breaks from work, socializing, laughing while having lunch.

This is one of the gardens I was talking about, Jardin du Luxemburg, known as “Luco”. It was designed at the same time they built Palais de Luxemburg for Maria de Medici. Here you can really feel the French air!


I remember the small terraces where we sat for lunch and the tables were so close to one another that we could easily hear all the stories being told by others.

Thanks to our friend to whom we give credit for all the photography in this story, we have the real atmosphere of the Quartier Latin, more famous for the restaurants and the bistros  than for all those educational establishments. Sorbonne for example is one of the most important edifice of the Latin Quartier. It was founded in medieval times, around 1250, by Robert de Sorbonne.

Qartier Latin

They say that The Business District is the biggest ever built in Europe for this purpose. Of course it is a pride of the Parisians. Defense is practically closing the historical center, so that we have Louvre – Champs Elysees – L’arc de Triomphe and Defense. French people claim that Defense is hosting 15 companies listed on top 100 biggest companies of the world.

Esplanade de la Defense

When you are in Paris you already know some places that you have to see, like Moulin Rouge, L’arc de Triomphe, Tour Eiffel, Champs Elysees and don’t forget the bridge that was built at the end of the 19th century and was opened for the Universal Exhibition in 1900. It is the most richly decorated bridge from Paris, maybe too rich according to some.

Statue from bridge Alexander

We could not finish our story before mentioning one of the most important Cathedral of all times in the whole world. Notre Dame is beautiful and impressive. The majority of pictures you have the occasion to see are of course taken from the front of the church. This one shows us the back of Notre Dame which you can see for yourself is represents a piece of art.

Notre Dame

Credit photos: Laurentiu Popelea



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