It’s the end of January and many of us think about the perfect way to celebrate our love. Mytravelstudio has some ideas for you in case you think of a last minute getaway but don’t have too much time at your disposal to search and plan everything.

So, where can you celebrate this special day, marked in the Calendar as the one with the biggest amount of love in the air than all the other days, but in some of the world’s most beautiful places? We’ll help you out with some ideas:


Going to London on Valentine’s Day is definitely a good idea. It’s a stylish city that leads you to spoil your loved one with romantic walks and dinners. You can book a luxurious hotel room, plan a walk to Buckingham Palace and spend your evenings in famous English clubs or pubs. Also, don’t forget the museum with wax figures of Madame Tussauds where you will have a lot of fun.



Dubrovnik is by definition a city filled with romance. It’s a small town with old buildings and small paved streets. Throw in some travel-friendly weather and some well-known Croatian charm and this trip will be a one to remember.

You can enjoy the amazing Croatian cuisine, known for its flavors and also very healthy. You’ll soon realize why Dubrovnik has been so often called Croatia’s most beautiful city and why it’s a must-see destination any time of year, especially on Valentine’s Day.



It’s not too late for a Caribbean getaway on Valentine’s Day and the weather is more than perfect.

Why should you choose this destination for a romantic trip you ask? Because what greater way to celebrate your love than a perfect white beach, blue clear water and amazing views? If you feel somewhat adventures you can also spend the day water skiing or swimming with the dolphins. Your loved one will most definitely appreciate the effort in planning this trip.



This is one of the most romantic cities in the world, definitely build for couples.

The city of love smells like romance and planning a getaway on Valentine’s should be pretty easy.

You can spend your day walking on the romantic streets, shop in some of the best chocolate shops in Paris or climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower for a breathtaking view. You can end the day with a romantic dinner at one of the tower’s restaurants.


Las Vegas

If you feel unconventional and adventures Las Vegas is the perfect destination for you and the one you love. Nevada is the #1 location to get married so romance runs in their veins. That doesn’t mean you have to take vows to have a great and romantic time in Vegas. With great restaurants, sexy shows, romantic concerts, Las Vegas is the perfect spot for lovers or honeymooners. If you’re already married, well, you can get married again! Las Vegas wedding chapels offer packages for vow renewals, so make Valentine’s Day extra special by renewing your commitment for one another.

Italy is another great choice for Valentine’s Day. You can visit either Venice or Florence, both very romantic and great destinations for a romantic getaway. Italians love to celebrate Valentine’s Day so you don’t have to worry this trip will not be romantic. You can even take a couples cooking class because hey, love runs through the stomach, right?

Vienna and Salzburg in Austria have unique customs and traditions of celebrating festivals and when it comes to Valentine’s Day, the customs of this romantic place are very fascinating and intriguing. Being very romantic cities, you can take romantic walks, romantic dinners, some romantic shopping and spend the night in romantic hotels. As you can tell, it’s all about romance in Austria for Valentine’s.

Still not convinced? Then maybe you need some different kind of romantic getaways.

We recommend Bora Bora, Thailand or Bali. You can spend the day swimming and maintaining your tan, drinking cocktails and basically doing nothing. In the evening you can plan a dinner at some romantic restaurants, on the beach.

Either way, all the options will guarantee you a very romantic couple of days. Depending on where you are from, start booking the tickets now or get in the car and drive there.


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