1923 is the year when the world first heard about Disney. Walt and Roy founded the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio after Walt went bankrupt with his first company.

disneyland ariel

Five years later Mickey Mouse was born. They came up with this idea of a mouse character named Mortimer, later renamed Mickey Mouse as we all know him.

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Many other characters came along the following years but because World War II, a lot of animators were sent into the army and the studios were producing propaganda films. Some years after the war they released some productions that were in the making before the war begun.

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Making this very long and beautiful story short, we come to our point! A place where both parents and children can have fun at the same time, this was Walt’s desire, to create such a place. July 18, 1955, is the year when Walt Disney opened the first Disneyland. The huge success this project had during the years made them expand in Asia and then in Europe.

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It doesn’t matter which Disneyland you choose to visit from, US, Europe, Disneyland Paris or in Asia, the important thing is to enjoy at least once this magical place where children and parents can spend so many happy moments together.

disneyland princesses

Experience the world of Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Alice, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Donald and so many other cartoon characters that we love so much.

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