Spending time in the kitchen sounds good to me, enjoying good food seems wonderful so whenever I eat I try to have something tasty, not just for the sake of eating but for the savor too. I usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and I get to prepare each at least three or more times a week.

I will share some of the recipes or improvisations with you from now on. First one is a lunch that took me just 20 min to prepare and for cooking I used about what I found in the fridge: fresh salmon, garlic, butter, spring onions, cream; found some pasta (taglierini all’uovo) that I’ve bought a while ago…and the whole cooking process lasted about 20 min, all together with boiling the pasta (4 min). The result: delicious!

pasta plate

Cooking process


Cook the garlic and spring onion with a spoon of butter in a pan, just for 2 minutes. When they have that glassy appearance add the salmon cut into small cubes, some salt and fresh pepper.

In the mean time boil the water for pasta and put some salt in it. Now put the cream (which is at room temperature) in a bowl. When the pasta is already boiled (exactly the time written on the pack), the salmon is almost done and it just needs the cream. In order for the sauce to have that beautiful and creamy aspect you need to mix the cream with a small quantity of the water from the pasta and then pour it on the cooked salmon. After you mix it just a bit (and be careful not to smash the salmon) turn off the stove and add a bit of fresh parsley in case you have it. With the sauce and pasta boiled al dente you’ll have the greatest lunch.


Bon appetite!

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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