Sailing has a big advantage because you are going to see so many beautiful places and do such great things. The “Blue Cave” from the Adriatic is one of the places that I would have never discovered if it wasn’t for sailing. Let me tell you about other beautiful locations in Croatia that I discovered during my sailing trip with the girls, from day one up to three.


Day one

Our trip started late in the day, after all of us arrived in the marina and we all completed our tasks: papers, groceries, unpacking etc. Our skipper, Pale presented the options for that day and we all agreed on the island of Tijat with Tijastical bay where we could have that first swim and a nice dinner. Funny things were already happening: I heard some rumors about how one of the girls is always hitting herself and she gets to have all the bruises and mosquito bites. All those stories turned out to be true because she was already falling off her chair at our first dinner and it was not even her fault. Talking about bruises, second day and I already had one and then it seemed like everyone took some of our friend habit.

First day of actual sailing was eventful. I was told a story about lighthouses in the Adriatic, how Austrians built them more than 100 years ago and I got to see one of them, so seclusive and beautiful.

Mula lighthouse

Day two

Second day started early in the morning with this beautiful lighthouse and with the Turkish coffee I drink every time I am on the boat. Apparently the smell of coffee woke up the entire crew and you could see them rising up one by one, like the sun does. We were heading south and after some miles we stopped for a swim and a late breakfast and than we decided to continue our route because there were some signs of bad weather. Rain started when we were on our way to Brac and our skipper decided to change the course because of the weather conditions.

photo with rain coats

The place we docked was not actually a marina, but they still had electricity and water for the boats. After the rain was following us to the city of Stari Grad, it suddenly stopped and the sun appeared from under the grey clouds, so we decided to take a walk. We discovered this small terrace, a traditional Dalmatian restaurant where they were serving drinks and cakes with lavender: cappuccino with lavender, fresh lemon juice with lavender, chocolate lavender cake.

happy girls after the rain

Second evening

Even though the rain stopped we spent the evening in Stari Grad and Jasminka was cooking on board. Delicious dinner, I hope I will convince her one-day to give us some of her recipes.

We had planes for that evening; we were going to spend the night out in the most famous nightlife city from the coast of Croatia. The coast, from Split to Hvar is worldwide known because of the Ultra Festival. It is a music festival that was first being held in Miami, then Ibiza and is actually called Ultra Worldwide. The name becomes Ultra Europe when it arrived in Split. The last evening of the event takes place in Hvar. I heard stories about how locals are renting their apartments for ridiculously high amounts of money (600 euros) and they stay with their relatives and friends in another city for the time of the event. They even had this idea of renting sun chairs/night. Tourists are coming from all over the world for this mind-blowing show. The event continues its expansion and Asia will become the next continent hosting Ultra in Tokyo this month.

So, Hvar was our partying place for the second night of sailing.

party photo

After dinner, we were all dressed up ready to party. It maybe took us too much to be ready because by the time we arrived at the club, entering become a difficult job. One of the girls was determined enough to convince the bodyguard that we deserve to enter, so the guy came to our group and invited us inside. What I found difficult though was dancing, because everywhere your body was turning, you would bump into someone or step on someone’s toe. I think that everybody in that club came from a boat for having a drink, dancing, partying until the morning or just flirting around. The evening was intense, sprinkled with some funny moments too. When the party was over we met this group of boys wearing masks. They were all dressed up in cows because they decided to be unique, and they certainly were. Of course the night was not over when we were back to the boat, because that was the moment when we could actually hear each other and from jokes to very seriously talks we kept chatting until dawn.

with cow dressed boys

Girls boat trip continues and articles will keep coming on MyTravelStudio.

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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