I’ve recently been part of a wonderful crew that was sailing the Adriatic Sea for a week and in the following lines I will be introducing the crew.

There will be an article soon about how to prepare for a boat trip and you will realize that I actually did not really follow my own advice when it comes to do things.

My dear friend Ana convinced me that we should go for a week on a girls boat trip. Preparations lasted a few months while the most important things were getting on track. Ana found the boat, location and the skipper and than came the moment when she gathered the crew: 4 Croatian girls, one of which was from Bermuda Island actually; one Cayman Islands, one Romanian, a Croatian skipper and the right hand or should I call him “co-pilot”, from Germany. So we were an international crew. Some were close friends, some barely knew each other, or didn’t know each other at all. What are the expectations with such an entourage? I will not answer directly right now; the answers will come during the stories I will tell.

the crew

I think I will start with Kelli because we were sailing the Adriatic and she is the one coming to Europe for the first time. She was born in Canada and lives in Cayman Islands and loves to travel and be surrounded by people. I think you just don’t meet people like her everyday: so honest and funny, when she tells stories you will immediately like her.

Kelli likes tea so much that she came on the boat with this big bag of many kinds of organic fair trade tea and she never said no when you were asking for a nice coup of tea.


Another one coming from across the ocean is Snjezana, from Bermuda. What do you think about these kind of people willing to change the whole environment and just be able to move in another part of the world? I admire the flexibility she has so much. Snjezana left Croatia a few years ago and even if she spends most of her time in this wonderful place called Bermuda, she always comes to Croatia to visit her family and friends and to be a tourist in her own country.


Jasminka was our chef on board. I really need to tell you this; she certainly has the taste for good food! The smell, the taste and the texture of her dishes are worthy of being served on a nice plate at any famous restaurant. If she likes to cook she also likes to eat, which makes my theory even stronger: when a person is a gourmand he is by default a good human.


I just started this trilogy Divergent, by Veronica Roth. I like the way she imagined people and society after the war. There are factions in the book and one is about always telling the truth, being so honest that they don’t even feel the need to hide or lie for something. Well, this is our Visnja. She comes from Croatia and enjoys being herself. Always ready for a joke, nice and honest, another person that you enjoy having around.


If you already are our reader I’m sure you found parts in the stories where I mentioned my dear friend Ana, not necessarily by her name. She is the reason I keep traveling on board of a boat. She showed me one of the most amazing ways you can spend a holiday, which I am grateful for. Ana is this beautiful person, good friend and even though she likes to be a dreamer she has also this capacity of anchoring in the reality. Combining these two important aspects of life she just knows how to make her life and others, just beautiful.


Two friends, not very old buddies, but you have no idea how wonderful they just get along. Our skipper Pale (his actual name is Ivan and he doesn’t really know why people call him Pale) and Ingo, this nice guy from Germany. Do they fit on a girls boat trip? Definitely yes! Civilized and very polite, always being ready to take care of their crew. Being with so many girls in that small space could look difficult but it seems that their personalities and way of understanding made everything look very easy. I am proud of them!

Pale _ Ingo

And now with all of this being said I invite you to stay tuned for the stories to come. Thank you for being our reader and keep checking on www.mytravelstudio.com.

the girls

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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