Want to book a vacation on your own, just by using Google? That’s an easy and reward full activity if you follow the right steps. First you need to have the budget and to know exactly what is it that you are looking for- than start browsing. In the next lines we will show you how  MyTravelStudio  found this gorgeous villa in Bali, near Kutuh, Ungasan.


We were searching for a 4-bedroom villa in an exclusive location, near the ocean. After making some calculations we concluded that we also need a car, a driver and a chef. So far, so good, first words used for search were: 4-bedroom villa in Bali. Of course this gave us another few hours of browsing without any clear result. There were still some things missing but we didn’t give up and went on with the search. In the end we realized that we kept forgetting one word: exclusive.


So, adding this word gave us the results we were looking for. After picking some of the villas we started sending e-mails and talking to people. The other part of the research was already presented to you in the story about Bali, about how we found a really nice person that negotiated for us a reasonable price and took care that there is nothing missing so that we can enjoy a perfect holiday in this marvelous Island of Gods.


Karang Kembar 3 has this stunning sea views, it is a home with a view that we will never forget and all of this are completed with this gorgeous people working there.


To conclude, when you have the budget you know what you are looking for and you find it, there is still some things you need to do. We are speaking about finding a good flight and trying to organize the whole trip. Once you take care of this, the result can never fail you! Here is the proof, take a look at these pictures!


Here are some of my personal thoughts about Bali.

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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