Morocco is located between Europe and Africa and it’s the only African country not a member of the African Union. Official language is Arabic but they also speak Berber and French and the majority of populations are Arabs and Berbers followed by Jews and others. The country is divided into 16 regions and subdivided into 62 provinces.

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Two very interesting things we found out about this country:  one is that the shrine of Sidi Yahya, situated in Oujda city of Morocco it is said to be the tomb of John the Baptist and the second is that they have the oldest university in the world. We are talking about the University of Fes, founded in 859 AD.

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If you are a frequent reader of myravelstudio you already know that we like meeting new people and find out about their culture.  People from Morocco are known to be some of the friendliest in the world. When someone refuses to take no for an answer, they say Insha’ Alah (if God wills it) and there is no argue after that. Eye contact and a smile with a person of opposite sex definitely means something romantic. The usual manner of greeting is kissing on the cheek, closer the relation, more kisses you get.

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Another thing you already know about us is that we like to eat good food.

When you refer to Morocco, in terms of cuisine you refer to couscous, tajine, harira and chicken.  Couscous is the most famous dish from the Moroccan kitchen. Mostly being Muslims they don’t drink alcohol so their popular drink is Atai, green tea with mint. Apparently not only people from Great Britain have an entire ritual on how to drink tea, but Moroccans too. And they like a coup of tea with a lot of sugar.

Even if they don’t drink so much there are 14 wine regions in Morocco and it’s good wine they say.

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If there was nothing or just a few that you knew about Morocco, there are some facts that you know now. And of course in Morocco you will find yourself in one of the most famous cities of the world, Casablanca. Have you seen the movie? That’s one of my favorites. Another thing before finishing this up! When you receive or offer a rose, think about the fact that this country is the second largest roses producer in the world.

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