The writing of all stories made me realise how does my traveling calendar looks like! We visit cities most of the time in the spring or latest, beginning of summer. Barcelona was in spring, the city of two legends, I would say. The founder of the city was Hercules one would say, or not? Maybe Hannibal’s father founded it and named the town Barcino after his family name. I would choose the mythological Hercules (cause sounds so good) and go on further with the story. You should pick one too! Whatever is the version you prefer it can be the real one. Before going to Barcelona I decided to Google for making our itinerary. We need to go there, visit that, see the art of Gaudi, see the harbour, eat I don’t know what, go there…Well, some of it did happened but not all and not like that.


That was the only time I tried to do maps and set goals for the trip. I prefer to do things/visit in another way, not just to check. Being a tourist is so nice, but I think we are the kind of tourist who like to feel the things around not only see them. Of course sometimes there are so many to see and you probably think that you’ll never come back here again but, life is so unexpected and there are so many beautiful worth visiting places in the world that you don’t have to worry about any of it.

I started to look for accommodation, like I usually do when it is for going somewhere and I found it quite fast. I found what I was looking for on the hills of Montjuic, a place called Miramar. First it was a palace, built in 1929 where king Alfonso the XIII and his friends enjoyed the very fancy and elegant banquets and balls. When they changed the buildings destination, from palace to a hotel, the architect decided to keep the façade.


I am looking at the pictures right now to select some for showing them to you. La Rambla, the market with its beautiful colours… how nice! I have been in several cities but I think I have never seen so many people gathered together on the streets. So many of them that you could’ve imagined they were waiting for a big concert to start! Maybe this is it. Barcelona’s every day concert.


La Rambla offers you so many choices: souvenirs, flowers, birds, terraces, shops, street performers and a really nice market. I once read something so very truthful about La Rambla, something that Federico Garcia, the Spanish poet said: “ …the only street in the world which I wish it never end”. I remember that it took us so long, the walk on Rambla, because we enjoyed every part o it.


You reach the center of the city at some point where you find another attractions. Something that impressed me so much was a group of people dancing on the street. I have seen something on their faces, something like “life is beautiful, let’s celebrate this!” This image makes you believe that it’s worth enjoying every day.

I wasn’t in my best days when we visited Barcelona, but the city did something, cheered me up with its spirit. I don’t think I’ve seen people dancing on the streets before, I mean not to raise money, perform or another external purpose, but for their soul only. I also loved the street performers that I admire. They definitely can make your day dancing, doing mimics or embodying famous figures. They are artists performing out in the streets. I consider this not to be an easy thing to do because they never know how the passersby will react. Some like, some don’t, some are not moved at all but some can also be aggressive.


We walked on La Rambla, in the center of the city and we were on harbor, with some breaks in between that we used for tasting Catalan cuisine.  Tapas, the various appetizers cold or warm are very welcomed after crossing an entire city! Did you know that tapas were actually invented to encourage conversation? If you’re wondering what were we talking about, one of the topics was about the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, a church that does not resemble to any other in the world. Gaudi had his own view, not to mention the period of the construction works. Gaudi once said something like his client is not in a hurry and he succeeded to do almost 20% of the building during his life.


We will leave the streets now in favor of stepping on send. Barcelona has a nice beach with good restaurants where we tried several things and if I make a quick selection I would come in front of you with a clouding pan of paella. I’m not giving you the name of the restaurant because I don’t’ remember it, but I need to mention that paella with fish and see food.  Tasty, looking good and the smell… After that, a long walk on the beach and like we usually do observing the people. The temperature of the water is too low to swim in April but that was not the purpose anyway, taking pictures and relax was.


The story will continue with images now, which, by the way I hope you will enjoy!
See u soon for the next trip!

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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