Villa and hotels with view are probably the most searched places when going on holiday. No matter how long you’ll stay in the room, the space has to give you the best mood and have that positive energy. MytravelStudio presents: room with a view.

We’ll go from the ocean room with a view to the city.

There was always a bit more attraction for the views that include white sand, turquoise water and some tropical plants. Well, British Virgin Islands has some of these ingredients and maybe even more. Here you have a villa built on a top of the hill to offer you the best view. The name is Tingalayo and it is situated in West End, Tortola.


Apparently there are enough hills on our beautiful planet called Earth. Not very far from BVI, there is another place with marvelous villas. Libellule villa lies on the hills of Saint Martin, Caribbean. We’ve written some more about the place here. In case you thought of organizing a vacation here, don’t hesitate to ask for this place.


There are some incredible nice hills in Bali too and people were aware of that so they built some villas, probably the most beautiful one being Karang Kembar III. When you stay at this villa you’ll have such a wonderful rising up, in fact the most fantastic one.

Bali room with a view

Being in Tuscany, able to see the wine yards from your room could be truly delighting. Surrounded by hills and plains, vineyards and olives gardens Dievole offers a veritable Tuscany experience. Dievole is another place in the world where you’ll get the best room with a view.


From the hills we go high up in the mountains. Kitzbuhel is a mountain resort in Austria, this incredible beautiful European country. When talking about mountains and ski resorts, Austria has this very old tradition, so they will know exactly what is it that you are looking for. Somebody built this villa on top of a very high hill in Kitzbuhel and I think it was a great idea. The view from the living room I would call it between the most spectacular in the world. In case you want to check just go here (firstclass holidays).


What about having a nice view from your window in the city? Las Vegas is one of the most vivant cities of the world. It has this murmur that probably no other city has and the view from inside to outside is a spectacular one. Lights wherever your eyes turn to, artesian fountains and those thematic hotels built in no other place, but desert. All of it deserves a room with a beautiful view. We recommend one at MGM Grand, hotel is really nice, people at the counter too and there is always a possibility to have your room upgraded at your arrival. So, sky loft at MGM? Awesome view guaranteed!

Barcelona is another city that can give you some emotions when watching from high up. Miramar hotel was built up on the hill of Montjuic, where there was a palace before. It’s really well placed so that you can see the whole port of Barcelona and a big part of the city. Miramar will not fail you and when you book don’t forget to ask for a room that has a view.


We didn’t quite mean to have a rating here, but more precisely to show you some of the best options when your desire is a room with a view. And I have one more left. The room is so well placed that it won’t fail you at any time. Just imagine waking up on a sailing boat, motorboat or a yacht in Croatia, Greece, Thailand, BVI or Caribbean.


You’ll find more about all the places mentioned here on MyTravelStudio. Until then, have a room with a view wherever you go.

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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