A friend of mine to whom I talk not so often was just asking me the other day “Could you just travel more than that?” I guess my answer to that is so obvious and he was of course laughing. In fact I was just thinking where I would go in the following months and why?

New York is the first destination coming to mind; there is a connection between us (me and this gorgeous city from across the Ocean). I think that once you’ve been there, it is going to be inevitable not to go back again. So here you are: 5 reasons to revisit New York.

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There is something about NYC

My first reason could be just wondering the streets of the city and having a coffee at one of the small terraces where you just observe. There is this buzz in every place, especially in the big cities. Well, I think New York’s murmur has this frequency that tickles your ears and you just can’t get rid of it. It is a nice sound for a traveler. The place where I like to have my morning coffee in New York is Time Square.

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Places to visit in New York

Like in many other cities of the World (European or from other continents), there are so many historical places to visit; museums; exhibitions; galleries and so on. New York has its own authentic visiting places and I am not just referring to like MoMA, The Intrepid Sea, air & Space Museum, American Museum of Natural History etc. but I am also referring here to some famous neighborhoods. Thanks to my friend Artur Dancs, I saw Brooklyn, Williamsburg and some other places. When you are traveling and really like knowing and meeting other cultures and people it is a great opportunity to just leave for a moment the touristic part of that place and just mingle with locals. I saw how they start the day, having coffee or breakfast in the morning and how they end the working day, where they have dinner and what kind of music they like to listen to in the evening. That is another reason why I would go back there again.

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Central Park

I remember first time being in Central Park like it was yesterday. It was June so there were fire flies everywhere. We arrived in the park somewhere at noon and we left when the dark was almost settled. When there is something that I like, 80% of the cases there is food involved. So, Central Park has the best hotdog I have ever had. I always savor the food so it starts with the taste and continues with atmosphere and everything surrounding me at that moment. My first day spent in Central Park had everything: special moments, nice people, great atmosphere, the opportunity to have lunch in the same restaurant with a famous actor that was just behaving like a normal human being.

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New York’s restaurants

Well, if there is a place with phenomenal kitchen that is New York. We’ve tried those restaurants where you have to make reservations months in advance, we’ve also tried that small places where you have to stay in line if you want to have the best burger and also been to those restaurants in the neighborhoods where locals are having lunch. I could tell you something good about each one of the options. But you’ll find more about food and places to eat in New York in our cuisine category here and here.

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Broadway shows

Oh, yes definitely at least one Broadway show when you are in New York. You can buy Tickets on line or at your hotel and don’t worry about not finding a good show to attend to because that’s impossible. I really like actors that play on Broadways theatres. You see there the ones you already saw on big screens and they are cinema giants or just get the opportunity to meet new actors that you’ve never seen playing but they astonish you with their act.

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Victoria’s  Secret & the 5th Av.

I know I said 5 reasons from the beginning but consider this like a bonus, especially for girls. Sometimes you just have to be honest and admit your weaknesses. When you go to New York just put something aside so that you can enjoy a 5th Av round.

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I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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