If you choose France as a holiday destination, make sure you don’t miss a trip at one of the famous Route de la Lavande cities and spend at least a day there. The landscape is a multi-sensory delight full of color and fragrance. The Lavender, or the Blue Gold of plants, is one of the most powerful herbal medicines in the world that offers both physical and emotional relief in various problems such as: dry and irritated skin, burns, insomnia and nervous tension.

The healing qualities of this plant were discovered by chance, acording to History of Aromatherapy, which describe the incident that happened in the laboratory of a famous chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, who also coined the term of aromatherapy. The famous chemist suffered a serious burn to his hand which he treated with lavender oil and, to his surprise, was healing quickly and without scarring.

This is how a star ingredient was born, appreciated for countless qualities and present in many skin care products. A cosmetic product containing a high quality lavender oil can even replace a moisturizer.


Note that the essential oil of lavender is not reccomanded to be  used directly on the skin, but mixed with almond or olive oil.

  • How does this aromatic plant help us?
  •  It has regenerating power and accelerates skin healing.
  •  It calms the skin and irritations caused by insects.
  •  It has antibacterial action.
  •  It relaxes the muscles, that’s why lavender oil is one of the most used oils for massages.
  • Helps relax your mind: A bath with lavender flowers removes fatigue, and if before bedtime you treat yourself with a tea spoon of lavander honey and some lavender tea, you’ll fall asleep very easily you will have a restful night.
  •  Pampering: You definetly have to try a spa treament with sachets filled  with lavender and honey. Aromatherapy and pampering at its finest!

And a last minute recommendation: lavender ice cream … you’ll find the best one only in Route de la Lavande.


Luciana Stanciu

Skin Care Specialist, Eden Spa


Skin care specialist at Eden Spa Bucharest

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