Restaurant Joseph ranked on leading position on our list!

I’ve recently told you that when it comes to chocolate we will never refuse one piece, or some other sweets that contain chocolate. Well, another thing that you may assume about us, and it is totally correct, is that we like to eat.


Restaurant Joseph

So, besides cooking at home, we try from time to time a new restaurant in town, or go to those we know they don’t fail.

This time we tried a new one, recommended by the name “Joseph”. It belongs to a guy with the same name, Joseph Hadad, a let’s say socialite chef in Bucharest.

Dinner happened after some days spent in Thailand where we had all those spicy/sweet things and we were missing a good stake, maybe a soup or some pasta.

I will tell you something, when I come across some food that delights my senses I like to say it out loud. Restaurant “Joseph” was the case.

Cutting to the chase, I started with the Moroccan lentil soup, a truly good surprise. I’ve eaten lentil soup before but this one was more smooth and sophisticated. Like I said, I was missing a good steak. I am not really a meat eater but from time to time I eat some. This one, perfectly cooked, melting in your mouth and the perfect flavor made my dish circulate to everyone at the table. Just ask for beef fillet with goose foie gras. For me dinner is perfect when it has the proper wine and it ends with some chocolate. Without knowing what’s going to be or how, I ordered chocolate egg. Well, I think I no longer have to tell you the richness of the chocolate taste mixed with passion fruit mouse and chopped almonds and pumpkin. And I am sure that all the food on our table had a little bit of love and passion in it.

You’ll find “Joseph” in Bucharest, ranked on leading position on our list, on Ion Cantacuzino Street, no.8

Bon appetite!

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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