No matter how much you travel and how many extraordinary places you see, some of them will always remain “favorites” and it doesn’t matter how many times you go back there it isn’t going to be too many times.

This is the case with the following five cities in Europe that I call my favorites.

First one and the place that I also called home for a couple of years is Vienna. This amazing city in Austria is making me come in front of you with this statement: Vienna is that place where you’ll feel excellent as a tourist as much as a resident. There will be no hard time to accommodate or to find at least 10 things that you’ll really love. Let me just list some of them for you:

Excellent food and you’ll find different cuisines from around the world and of course that specific Austrian one;

Vienna has a rich history so visiting will be a real pleasure;


We talk about the “city of music”, an evening at the Opera will transpose you in a world of beautiful sounds;

Modern Vienna is attractive too; futuristic museums and lots of activities and exhibitions;

Vienna is hosting one of the most famous riding schools in the world. Their shows are amazing and emotional. 


In Vienna I just love spending time in Stephan’s Platz for example, on a terrace with a coffee mug or a glass of prosecco wine. It is an excellent shopping place too, where you can find your favorite designers. There is also the Arthur McGlen designer Outlet where you’ll most probably spend one day. And when you just feel like relaxing you’ll have the opportunity to walk in some nice parks. One very important thing that I would like to mention in behalf of Vienna is that transportation means are very well organized. You don’t need a car when visiting Vienna, even though you travel by car to the city.


I will definitely go back and tell you more about Vienna but right now let me mention the other 4 cities of Europe that I really like.

Sienna is situated in Italy, Tuscany region. I fell in love with the place when I first saw it, a city with historical buildings and that peaceful air of Tuscany. I think there is no need for me to plead for the Italian food: delizioso!!! What else here:  beautiful churches from past centuries, gardens and that famous Piazza del Campo where everybody getters just to sit and admire surroundings. Sienna is not the only town in Tuscany that makes me smile remembering, but in case you want to find out more about my admiration for the region read here.

favorite cities in Europe

About Prague we’ve recently published an article. But keep in mind: good beer, nice terraces, history, relaxation and wonderful landscape.

Another one that enters the favorites list is London. I just love how they combine old & new here. London is that elegant city that can make you feel like royalty. Try it and I am sure it suits you.


I only saw Dubrovnik once but I would give it the chance to compete with the other ones. It definitely has this advantage of being situated on a seacoast. I think they preserved it well and it has things to tell you about. Being recently on the French Riviera I think I can even tell you that Dubrovnik resembles in places with Monte Carlo, with one important difference that this Croat citadel has a much older history.


I gladly recommend these cities for visiting and maybe you’ll let us know how your experience was.

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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