Whether it is for business or pleasure, a flight can be stressful, both physically and mentally. The dry and recirculated air, poor posture, food and the temptation of fizzy or alcoholic drinks, the stress of crowded airports are the main causes that affect the way you look or feel when you get to your destination. To avoid a tired look when you land, here are some tips for an easy flight not just for your complexion but for your entire body.

For your complexion 

The night before departure

The dry air conditioning on the plane is a “killer” for the skin. To minimize the skin dryness it’s best to prepare the day before departure. Apply a moisturizing mask the night before departure. In the morning, regardless of the time of your flight, take a few extra minutes than usual and massage the hydrating cream on your complexion.

photo 1 big plane

During the flight

If you have a long flight, apply a moisturizer every hour. Don’t forget about lip balm and eye cream. If you can’t give up the foundation cream, the coloring cream is very useful. In case you have oily skin you can replace the cream with a hydrating serum. Another thing that you should not miss is rosewater hydrating with refreshing effect. You can use it especially before landing to freshen up the skin, followed by a reapplication of the cream. Use as little make-up as you possibly can and forget about the mascara that can irritate the eyes. To clear sleepless red eyes, use eye drops and instead of lipstick, choose a lip balm.

For your body

Chic and casual clothing with comfortable shoes (no heels) ensures the comfort of your body and your movement.

To avoid bloating or abdominal cramps, turn down the glass of soda or alcohol, which will not keep you hydrated and they are high in calories as well. Choose a meal without meat and drink plenty of water. The poor posture can cause leg swelling and joint pain. Some discrete stretching movements of your arms and feet and a gentle massage of the scalp will rejuvenate and relax yourself at the same time.

photo 2 in the airport

For the mind

To block the permanent “buzzing” from your flight, ear plugs or your favorite music will help you relax and sleep.

For your health

A small and overcrowded space, with recirculated air can create health problems. Therefore the disinfectant wipes for your hands should always be present in your bag.

Have a safe flight,

Luciana Stanciu, skin care specialist, Eden Spa

Skin care specialist at Eden Spa Bucharest

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