They say some things are happening for a reason and I incline to believe that all that mess about flying with Alitalia happened so that I change my opinion about something. Truth is I cannot really tell you about that opinion of mine, but what I can tell you is a beautiful story about a very nice French man we met on our flight while traveling to Monaco. This story is a continuation of the one about Alitalia, and how you fly 16 hours on a distance that takes normally 3 to 5 hours.

After having our flight to Nice lost, we decided to find the best way to get there. Alitalia’s solution was to send us with the plane that was flying the next day, which was not convenient for us.


Luckily there was another person who really wanted to get home to his family after having to work for a few days in another country.  When he saw we were trying to find solutions he offered us a ride from Marseille to Nice. That is a really nice gesture coming from somebody not knowing us at all. He just saw we needed a solution and he came with the best one. More than that, he offered help not just for us, but for the others trying to get to Nice too. Unlike us, the others decided to spend the night at a hotel.

So, there we were, flying from Rome to Marseille and then two hours by car to Monaco. This nice French guy drove us to the destination and we also got to know his family, some other beautiful people. We were all tired after so many hours spent on a plane and airports but the ride was relaxing and we were happy that all ended good.

This is how we found out some things about Monaco before getting there and also we experienced that beautiful feeling that people help each other when situations occur.

This article is our way of saying “THANK YOU”!

After two introductions stories, you’ll soon find things about Monaco and Cote D’Azur on

Cote D'azur

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