I recently got back from Monaco and some of the things still fresh on my memory are the flavors of French cuisine. Actually there was not only French and I’ll tell you why after just a few lines.

I really am positive that you have an idea about how delicious the food is in France and when restaurants can afford to double or triple the prices, the quality of the food will live that expression on your face and will make you do those sounds of pleasure and satisfaction.

Be prepared to pay for dinner and here you have some of the most amazing restaurants in Monte Carlo.

Best restaurants in Monte Carlo

First evening, first restaurant located on the coast with sea view and entrance from the main street. Name: La Maree! It was like a blind date, I would say, because there was no previous research done or any recommendations.

I talk about a nice terrace with great ambiance and really sociable and nice waiters. Well, food was really good: starters, main course and desert.

C’etait super! There’s Mediterranean cuisine so our choice was fish and that’s exactly my recommendation for you. For desert just ask for that cake with poppy seeds and vanilla. Prices, like almost everything in Monte Carlo, overrated, so when you go there be sure it’s going to be an expensive meal.

Best restaurants in Monte Carlo

Another restaurant that can guarantee a successful and fulfilling evening is less French, this time, but really famous with Japanese and Peruvian flavors. The story is like this: Chef Nobu Matsuhisa was born in Japan and started to work in restaurant business right after graduating high school. After a while he was invited by someone to open a Japanese restaurant in Peru (South America). After the experience in Peru, Nobu moved to Alaska and opened his own restaurant; only he failed almost immediately due to a fire that destroyed everything. Years later he opened another restaurant in Beverly Hills that quickly becomes the hot spot for celebrities. If you ask yourself the question, does this guy have anything in common with Robert De Niro, the answer is simply yes, and they do own Nobu Restaurants all over the world.

I told you something about making those kind of sounds when eating, well Nobu’s kitchen will have the same effect on you and it will all end with this beautiful desert, ask for the one with chocolate please. And like a colleague of De Niro said after having dinner at Nobu: “Heaven on earth and sex on a plate”. That was Kate Winslet

You will find Nobu in Monte Carlo at Fairmont Hotel.


Our stay in Monte Carlo was just as long as we could have three dinners and the third restaurant does certainly not mean it’s on the last stair. We talk about a Michelin starred restaurant where creation levels are impressive. I am calling it my favourite without any hesitation. The place is actually just a few kilometres from Monte Carlo, I think 6 km and it was built on a former citadel in Eze. There is a hotel now, on the name Chateau Eza and they also have this astonishing terrace and restaurant.

Placing of the hotel and restaurant couldn’t be better chosen. The landscape opening in front of your eyes is just amazing so that you are enchanted by the first minute. What happens after can be easily called a formidable school of cuisine and service.


Our choice was fish and chicken and both are just perfect.

Chateau Eza

Now, drawing the line, our recommendation for best restaurants in Monaco are Nobu, Chateau Eza and even though the most expensive one, La Maree.

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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