Once you have been there, you don’t want to let that feeling go.  It is a place of a special splendor where you are nothing but relaxed. The island of thousand temples, island of love or the island of Gods was recently named “The island of peace” because of a one simple good reason: Tri Hita Karana.


This is the Balinese concept for life and represents the balance between human and God, human and human, human and nature. That special feeling is coming from here. You feel it in the moment of getting off the plain in Denpasar, the capital city of the province of Bali. A driver is waiting for you outside the airport and leads you to the car.  He will never stop thanking you for coming to Bali and he drives you to the island. Your journey begins with modest homes in each side of the road, every one of them having at least one temple.

Indian Ocean from Bali

Finding accommodation in Uluwatu, located in one of the most beautiful parts of the island, in the South, was the beginning of  my story about Bali. I spoke for the first time with a Balinese and I was flattered by the way she addressed to me. It was not only because at one moment they had the best tourism school in the world, but also because of their nature. With their warmth and kindness and always calm they perfectly fit with the island. Back to my Balinese, she found that wonderful place, a villa with breathtaking views in Uluwatu. We passed some villages, left houses behind and we were on the top of cliff wondering where could this villa be? A gate was opening and all of a sudden everybody said: wow! Karang Kembar 3, “A room with a view on the Island of Gods” like they are saying about it. Tired after so many hours of flying, smiling and beautiful people were waiting for us at the entrance with fresh juice and wet towels in their hands. That was the best receipt to make everybody forget all the fatigue and, end the day like it was a whole new beginning.

monkey in pura luhur

Bali it’s about people and nature and both of them are offering what they have best. For sure you won’t miss the spectacular sunset in the temple, if you stay in Uluwatu. Pura Luhur, is one of the nine directional temples meant to protect the island against evil spirits. It’s impossible to enter the temple ant not to meet at least one stealing monkey. That’s why you have to hide everything, from jewelries, sunglasses, water or whatever it is you have on you. Admiring the beautiful sunset you will also enjoy a unique Balinese dance, kecak. Why is that unique? Because it is the only one not accompanied by instruments, but of a choir of 70 men. The dance has more than 70 years and it’s originated from Shenyang, a sacred Balinese dance in which the dancer enters in a state of trance and communicates with the deities as a medium.

Bali Kecak Dance

Bali is also known for Kopi Luwak, one of the most expensive coffees in the world. The price is coming from the fact that before being roasted, the beans are eaten by a small animal, looking almost like a cat and called, Asian Palm Civet. The coffee plantations are amazing. Besides the beautiful “green garden” you also enjoy the smell of many spices, tea leaves and fruits. The people on the plantation are more than delighted to tell you stories about the place, the preparation of coffee beans, tea, oils, chocolate and many other goodies, of course all of it with a testing tour.

Another thing that will make your trip special is visiting the villages with fine artists. They manufacture the rock, wood, silver and other materials in so many beautiful ways. They are called “the local artists”. You can see them at work and you can also try to bargain with them. I assure you it is almost impossible to leave without at least one object.

Bali embroidery

The beautiful part in visiting the world is if you have also the opportunity to see not only the touristic sites. One of the people we’ve met in Bali invited us in his home.  The thing he said just before entering the yard was “ I apologize for my humble home”. It was fantastic to see what is the meaning of life for them and how can they be when it comes to how much do we need to be happy. Another very important thing about Balinese people is that they never forget to thank and pray for everything they have. In every home, inside or outside, in the stores on  the streets you will see this small offerings. Bali is a unique, wonderful experience that I surely recommend to anyone. We did not spoke about how expensive it is, where to stay and many other things you can ask me after reading the story.

Bali food offering

Thank you!

Address of the villa:

3 Karang Kembar Estate, Jalan Karang Kembar

off  Jalan Karang Putih 2001, Banjar Jaba Pura, Desa Kutuh

Badung, Kuta Selatan-Bali 80364-Indonesia

You can check out the villa web-site here.

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