By browsing our Internet page you could easily draw the conclusion that I prefer seaside to mountain. Well, I would not go 100% on this because the thing is; deep down in my soul I have a special place for mountain. I spent some part of my childhood in a small village from the mountainside of the country. I even had a happy place, where we played and we were strongly convinced that there was something magic about that meadow. Just imagine a place where we had a small spring surrounded by trees, flowers and the majestic mountain, where we were listening to the sound of the birds playing and sometimes watching the deer crossing the river.

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“Meadow” – photo by Vince Warren (

When referring to traveling I often talk about how you need to see, sense and feel with your own senses this beautiful world. When thinking about mountains I so easily sense a special smell. All those forever-green trees, the beautiful clear springs and the mountain itself. They all have their special smell that gives you the most pure and refreshing air possible.

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In one of my articles about Croatia I made a promise that I will share with you the experience we had on the continental part of this beautiful country. Of course I will thank to our dear friends for this short trip to Samobor, a small and charming mountain village near Zagreb. They have Zumberak Mountain and this nice river called Sava.

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So, we were tourists in Samobor for just one day. First thing I noticed was that they are really good prepared for receiving tourists. Well, maybe because they are doing this since 1800, when the locals were catering for anglers, hunters and hikers. I heard that even the famous composer Franz Liszt paid these people a visit back in 1846. Now you believe me that Samobor is one of the earliest tourist resort of the region.  And we found out all of these in just one day.

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What did I take home with me? Besides the typical mountain air, some very well kept memories about this very nice plaza where I saw a lot of locals spending their afternoon and the dinner we had in this very special “konoba” where the lady of the house was waiting for us with only local beverages and dishes. The tomato soup was the one that only my grandmother knew how to do, so it definitely reminded me of my childhood.  The main course, based on pork meat and forest mushrooms was so delicious that we just couldn’t stop eating.

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I now have the feeling that I gave you a few reasons to consider the mountain when traveling and why not Samobor. In this way you will start with small heights and then go the most impressive ones.

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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