MyTravelStudio took its place on this virtual world because of an unselfish reason of sharing, whether we talk about sharing experiences and tangible things, or only simple feelings and emotions. Our choice is to share.

Today is a special day in our calendar.

It’s 1st of December when Romania is celebrating the National Day.

Maybe you are wondering what is there to share about it? Well I was thinking of sharing with you how I feel about my country. Do I like my country? Or maybe the opposite, dislike it! Well I used to believe that things or even feelings can only be black or white but my wonderful life experience taught me that there are so many shades and you just can not see, or think, or feel in only two opposite colors.

Having this manner of judging is how my article has taken shape.

Am I proud of my country? Yes, I am! But am I also not proud? And the answer is yes, I am also not proud.

I was thinking of sharing with you five reasons that are making me think with joy about the country I live in and some other five that make me sad when I refer to Romania.

1. The country I was born in has one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen: majestic mountains, crystalline rivers, valleys and plains, forests with their forever green trees, that once you sense their smell it will stay with you forever.

We do not only have mountains but also Sea. So, my thinking is that, when God draw Romania on the world map, he felt the need of giving to her all of these amazing things that nature has. Isn’t it just wonderful?Romania

2. Starting with medieval ages, renaissance or modern era, Romania has given the world some brilliant minds, rulers, generals, revolutionaries, writers, poets, artists or athletes. When I was a little kid I used to like stories about Mircea cel Batran (Mircea the Elder- voivode of Wallachia) or Vlad Tepes. Practicing gymnastics for a while I was really impressed by Nadia Comaneci, the first female gymnast with a perfect score of 10 in an Olympic Gymnastic event. I recently decided to take some tennis lessons and that made me pay much attention to this spectacular Romanian tennis player, Ilie Nastase. Did you know that he was two times no.1?

3. Coming really close in our days I would really like to congratulate some of the Romanian artists in music or some of the TV presenters. I used to work in media and I always enjoyed watching Andreea Esca during the evening news. She is, in my opinion, one of the most professional and well trained in this business. Other names that make me think about them with appreciation and joy? I would mention some from the young generation of commercial music: Marius Moga, who recently produced a song for Maroon 5, Smiley or Antonia.

Marius Moga

4. Romania has only 20 years of democracy, which in Global or historical manner does not represents a very long time. But that’s a start! If it wouldn’t have been for those people scarifying their life in December 1989, I would not have this great opportunity of sharing with you all our traveling experiences because maybe there wouldn’t have been any.

Romania Flag

5. And the last but of course not the least important reason of loving my country is that I was born here. This is the place where I first said, “mama”, this is the place where I fell in love and I spend a considerable amount of my time.

Romania National Day

For the other five reasons that are making me have negative or sad thoughts about my country I would not spend so much space on the article, but I would definitely want to mention them:

1. Even though we have one of the most beautiful landscapes of all, it isn’t appreciated at all. In their chasing for money or just lack of education, so many people are destroying our natural habitat.

2. For the second reason, I will stay on the natural resources and tell you that sadly, many times I had the feeling that Romanians just don’t know what tourism means.

3. Politicians and politics in our country? This would be a very interesting debate, but I am resuming on just telling that they need re-education, they need “to come down to earth” and do their job. I don’t think they have a problem with the translation of the word “politic” which means “the practice of influencing other people”, but with how they are doing this and exactly what their goals are.

4. Watching people and situations in my country I just can not help of trying to find answers back in our history, culture and religion.  And sometimes my conclusion is that there is something wrong with these three very important aspects.

5. My most recent reason of not liking my country at all , is the way our leaders decided to handle the problem with the stray dogs. Even some of the European countries are shouting on us, but we just cannot handle it right. Why is it so?

I hope you enjoyed reading our article and most of it I hope it made you have your own personal thoughts about the country you were born and raised in.

Happy birthday Romania!

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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