Winter is not here yet, but still; close enough to induce that holiday feeling. These are the moments when you gather some friends and do something that you enjoy at the maximum; like spending a weekend in nature on an off road trip. This is exactly what we have done and because I consider it a great idea I was thinking about sharing it with you.

I am talking about an off road trip with funny off road vehicles or bicycles. What’s very important here is that with these occasions you can take your beloved friend with you and this is how the team is complete. Argo was feeling wonderful in this adventure and behaved like a member of the team.

photo 1


Our off road adventure happened in my country, somewhere in the Southern Carpathians, not so high land but perfect for what we were aiming for. We went to Gura Raului, the district of Sibiu (maybe you know the city if I remind you that it was the cultural capital of Europe in 2007). So, how does it sound: a nice river, woods, small and very small roads, fir trees, fresh air, food from the mountains and a bunch of friends? Well, I would say good ingredients for a nice weekend.

photo 2

500 years old fir tree


I love spending time in nature; I think it has something to do with the fact that I was born in a mountain area. I remember my nickname in high school was Heidi, like the girl in the Swiss movie. Do you remember the movie?

Well, speaking of mountains and trees; on this off road trip I got to see a 500-year-old fir tree; they say it takes about 8 people to surround it. It is definitely a touristic attraction and I have the legend about the tree ready to be published here. So the next article will be about that.

photo 3

Challenging roads


For someone who really likes off road adventures the terrain needs to be as broke as it can be!  That is the moment when you can test your limits. I did not, this time, for two really good reasons: one was taking care of Argo and second,  taking pictures!

photo 4

And all the interesting moments are on my camera, so get ready to visit MyTravelStudio’s YouTube account. Until then, one more picture here

photo 5

Where to stay


This kind of adventure usually takes place somewhere far from home so accommodation is required. We found something really nice and decent and the place is called Cheile Cibinului touristic complex. When you decide to take a trip in the area, visit their website at any time of year. Surroundings are beautiful, you just need to decide what you need and want to do. People are nice and what is very important- they are pet friendly. I was about to close and almost forgot to tell you about that cold platter with some traditional dishes made from meat or vegetables. Try it!

photo 6

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